GTA Online Players Are Using Tanks And Helicopters To Lift The Sub Out Of The Sea

Turns out GTA Online’s submarine can be lifted out of the sea, although we wouldn’t exactly consider it a success story just yet.

When a game has been on the market for eight years and played by well over 100 million people, you would think everything it has to offer would have been seen. As GTA 5 continues to prove, that is definitely not the case. The latest shocking scene involves a tank attached to a helicopter and a submarine rising majestically up out of the ocean.

Well, maybe majestically isn’t the right descriptor here. The scene below is more chaotic than beautiful. GTA Online player thepirateman493_YT is the one responsible. Their clip shows the attempt to lift GTA’s submarine up out of the water and presumably set it down on dry land. Or fly it over Los Santos. Just imagine seeing that while trying to complete a heist or go about your GTA day.

Everything seems to be going so well as the player hooks the tank under one of the submarine’s fins and moves it with relative ease. It’s when it comes to moving the massive vehicle up rather than through the water things start to go wrong. Once out of the water, the weight of the submarine throws everything off balance, flipping the helicopter and the tank and launching the sub through the air.

All three vehicles proceed to explode, killing everyone inside of them as well as some poor onlooking NPCs. The failed attempt has sparked competition among the GTA Online community. The comment thread below the original video is littered with suggestions as to how the feat could be pulled off successfully. Some have suggested first moving the submarine away from the pier, while others have pointed out another player with a chopper and a tank could balance the whole thing out.

We’re yet to see a clip of the submarine being lifted successfully, or a submarine flying through the air while playing. The race to raise the sub is yet another thing GTA players can occupy themselves with as they continue the eternal wait for any sort of news relating to the still theoretical GTA 6. You could also replay the game’s single-player story while trying to kill as few people as possible. Apparently, it’s impossible to do so without leaving at least 726 bodies in your wake.

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