Guardians Of The Galaxy: Where To Find Every Chapter 8 Collectible

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  • Archive: RE: She Has Come
  • Guardian Collectible: Deep Mine Device
  • Archive: Notice Malfunction

In Guardians of the Galaxy chapter 8, each member of the gang gets exactly what they want, then chooses to give it up. And that's all well and good for them, but we're talking about collectibles here, not cherished childhood memories! You gotta grab 'em with your grubby little mitts and never let go!

While this chapter isn't particularly short, it only has two archives and one Guardian Collectible for you to claim. Two of these collectibles are in the same room, and none of them are available until about 40 minutes into the chapter. So, you can take it easy for the first little bit and not worry that you're missing anything.

Archive: RE: She Has Come

After the gang has escaped The Promise shown to them by the Matriarch, the hunt for collectibles begins. During the cut scene in which Drax says “Why are we pretending we did not witness what we witnessed in the ceremonial chamber?” you can see the glint of this archive in the background. When you regain control of Quill, run over to the big, red hologram and look to the left where it is sitting on a desk.

Guardian Collectible: Deep Mine Device

Shortly after you find the RE: She Has Come archive, you will reach an area with a workbench. Both this and the next archive are in this same general area. Turn right from the workbench and climb up the metallic pillars to reach an area where the floor is a red grate.

On the ground to your right, you should spot this Guardian Collectible.

Archive: Notice Malfunction

On the opposite side of the same chamber where you found the workbench (so to the left of the workbench), you will find a door that is out of juice. Search to the right of the door to find a dead (or sleeping?) robot. When Quill says, “Got a lazy death bot here,” you’re in the right place. Search by the Inquisitor’s left arm (opposite side from the battery) to find this archive.

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