Guild Wars 2: Guide To Playing A Mesmer In PvP

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The Mesmer takes mind games to a whole new level in the PvP modes of Guild Wars 2. These sagacious killers will shatter your mind and then shatter you into a thousand pieces if you don't watch your step. In this guide, we'll be delving into the mysteries of the Mesmer profession and illuminating the best way to turn these dazzling duelists into a force to be reckoned with.

The Mesmer is a class that rewards dedication. It has access to skills and abilities that other professions can't match, but the Mesmer itself is almost like playing a delicate musical instrument. A single mistake can be incredibly punishing, but skilled players can run rings around any opponent and be an annoyance to fight against (just ask Canach how he feels about Mesmers).

Mesmer Strengths And Weaknesses In PvP

There are several roles that any profession can occupy in PvP, we like to start these guides explaining these roles because it's incredibly useful stuff to know for new players, and it gives you the framework to understand how you should apply your profession in PvP. The roles are as follows:

  • Damage
  • Duelist
  • Roamer
  • Support

Unlike most professions, Mesmers can be hard to fit into a single category. They often have excellent ways to apply allies with boons, Mesmers also shine in situations where they can isolate a single opponent. That doesn't necessarily make them amazing at roaming, because the professions that excel at roaming (the Thief and the Ranger) can capitalize on the Mesmer's weakness.

Mesmers can be incredibly handy to apply pressure in team fights, they are an excellent wildcard to throw into any fight. Supporting your roamers, running rings around professions that don't have mobility, and having access to both Power and Condition Damage burst make the Mesmer a huge threat.

So, what's the deal? If Mesmer's are so great why do they not dominate every single fight? Perhaps more than any other profession they live or die by the skill of the player. While every profession will benefit from skilled play, none punish mistakes as much as the Mesmer. If you're willing to put the time in, however, the Mesmer can give any opponent a run for their money. The Mesmer's chief weakness is all about execution – if you make mistakes you will get brutalized.

The Murderous Mirage

While most of our guides cover End Of Dragons specs – the fact is that the best elite spec for the Mesmer in PvP is the Mirage. The Mirage elite spec (which requires the Path of Fire expansion to unlock), can sow absolute carnage on the battlefield. They gain access to Mirage Cloak – a dodge that they can also attack from, Mirage Cloaks, and access to the Axe weapon type.

The Virtuoso is a powerhouse in PvE – able to deal damage and easier to play than the other Mesmer specializations but has very few defenses in PvP. The Chronomancer makes a great duelist, but it's not quite as strong as the Mirage.

The Mirage is so strong in PvP due to its ability to make tons of clones and illusions, making it incredibly hard to lock down. You have access to loads of interrupts and boon removal. Annoying conditions like confusion and smart play will make you almost as slippery as a good Thief. The Mirage doesn't stay alive because of armor or evasion, it simply makes the opponent question if what they are seeing is real.

A Mirage PvP build – The Mastermind

For this Mirage PvP build, we'll be taking traits from the following lines: Chaos, Inspiration, and Mirage. This will take our Mesmer from devious to downright dangerous.


Method of MadnessWhen you use a healing skill apply a Chaos Storm field around you that gives random boons to allies and conditions to enemies.
Chaotic PotencyGain extra condition damage – this trait also increases recharge speed on staff skills by 20 percent.
Bountiful DisillusionmentGains boons upon using a shatter skill (breaking a Mirage) the boon varies depending upon which shatter skill is used.


Medic's FeedbackCast a feedback dome while reviving allies – this dome lasts for six seconds and gives allies one percent extra revive.
Restorative IllusionsHeal yourself and lose conditions when you use a shatter skill.
Blurred InscriptionsEnhances active signet effects and when you activate a signet you gain one second of damage immunity.


Riddle of SandYour first ambush attack on entering combat provides two stacks of confusion.
Desert DistortionIllusions shattered by distortion become Mirage Mirrors. You also gain access to Ambush skills when you apply distortion to yourself.
Dune CloakUse Sand Shards when Mirage Cloak (your dodge ability) ends. Sand Shards gives you three seconds of every boon to you and five allies around you in a short radius.

Stats and Weapons

For the rest of the build you'll want to use the following stats and weapons:

  • Valkyrie (Extra Power, Vitality, and Ferocity) which gives you a nice blend of damage and extra health
  • Use the Sword and Torch as your primary weapon kit, with the Staff as a backup.
  • Take all signets for your utility skill slots

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