Guild Wars 2: Who Are Destiny’s Edge?

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Early in the story of Guild Wars 2, you will come across Destiny's Edge. This is a group made of famous 'legends,' with one member to represent each race in the game. The history of this group isn't directly mentioned; instead, their origin is documented in the novel Edge of Destiny.

Here, we are going to go over the history of Destiny's Edge, as well as who each member is. First, let's dive into what we learned about Destiny's Edge from the novel. If you have yet to play through the story, then this will contain some spoilers.

The Forming Of Destiny's Edge

As mentioned earlier, we learn about the formation of Destiny's Edge in a novel by J. Robert King. The Edge of Destiny novel focuses on the time period between the first and second games.

Originally, Destiny's Edge was created as a merger between two groups; Edge of Steel and Dragonspawn's Destiny.

These groups merged in order to defeat the Dragonspawn in the Shiverpeak Mountains. This large group consisted of the following individuals.

  • Caithe
  • Logan Thackeray
  • Rytlock Brimstone
  • Eir Stegalkin (and Garm)
  • Snaff
  • Zojja

The two groups joined after Dragonspawn's Destiny, led by Eir, watched Edge of Steel in an arena tournament. The two groups fought face-to-face, but it proved to be difficult for either side.

Rather than parting ways, Eir eventually convinced Edge of Steel to work with Dragonspawn's Destiny.

The Dragonspawn is a champion of Jormag that can take over an individual's mind. They threaten the Shiverpeak Mountains, which is where Eir is from; this is why she is adamant about defeating the Dragonspawn.

Destiny's Edge Activity Prior To Guild Wars 2

Destiny's Edge went on to defeat the Dragonspawn, as well as champions for Zhaitan and Primordus.

If you've played through Living World Season 4, you know that Kralkatorrik was defeated with the help of Aurene. This wasn't the first run-in with Kralkatorrik, though. Prior to Guild Wars 2, Destiny's Edge tried to defeat the Elder Dragon, only to find Glint, the champion of Kralkatorrik.

After some negotiation, Glint and Destiny's Edge formed an alliance to defeat Kralkatorrik together, but this ended up with the death of both Glint and Snaff. Due to this incident, Destiny's Edge disbanded.

Glint is referenced many times throughout the story, but this is the last time that we see her alive.

Reforming Destiny's Edge

This is where the story in Guild Wars 2 starts. In your own personal story, you get the opportunity to witness the reformation of Destiny's Edge in order to defeat Zhaitan with your help. Doing so also makes you an honorary member of Destiny's Edge.

At this point, Destiny's Edge consists only of Caithe, Eir, Logan, Rytlock, and Zojja.

Once again though, Destiny's Edge goes their separate ways until the awakening of Mordemoth, who is the central Elder Dragon in Heart of Thorns.

During this time, Rytlock disappears in the Mists, but we will go over that later. Because of this, though, he is not present at the beginning of Heart of Thorns.

Just prior to Heart of Thorns content, Destiny's Edge (excluding Rytlock) sets out to investigate Mordremoth. While investigating, they discover Glint's Egg, but Caithe steals this and disappears. Caithe's actions surprise pretty much everyone involved.

Destiny's Edge In Heart Of Thorns

At the start of Heart of Thorns, the group gets captured by the Mordrem. After this, Rytlock appears again, emerging from the Mists with new powers. With his help, the two of you set out to find the rest of Destiny's Edge.

Together, you find Eir, but unfortunately, she dies at the hands of Faolain and a Vinetooth.

Destiny's Edge is in mourning, but it's soon discovered that the Exalted can detect Glint's Egg, which means that they know where Caithe is. You manage to take the egg back but now must face Mordremoth. In a climactic final chapter, you and Destiny's Edge manage to defeat Mordremoth.

Destiny's Edge After Heart Of Thorns

After the events of Heart of Thorns, Destiny's Edge dissolves. In honor of the original guild, Eir's son, Braham, establishes a new guild with the same name. This new Destiny's Edge is not successful and eventually dissolves.

Now that we know the basic history of Destiny's Edge, let's take a look at each member.

Eir Stegalkin

  • Race: Norn
  • Status: Dead
  • Original Guild: Dragonspawn's Destiny

Eir is the leader of Destiny's Edge, as well as the mother to Braham Eirsson, who becomes a central character after her death.

As the leader of Destiny's Edge, Eir is well respected. She embodied the group, which is why it dissolved upon her death.

Within Hoelbrak, you can find a statue dedicated to Eir.


  • Race: Sylvari
  • Status: Alive
  • Original Guild: Edge of Steel

Caithe is one of the oldest Sylvari alive. During Heart of Thorns, Caithe engaged in a lot of suspicious activity, and many feared that she may betray Destiny's Edge. This was amplified by the connection Sylvari had to Mordremoth, as well as her connection to Faolain, the leader of the Nightmare Court.

At first, it seemed that Caithe took Glint's egg for malicious reasons. Through the story, though, it's discovered that this is a Wyld Hunt.

A Wyld Hunt is essentially a quest given to a very small number of Sylvari. These quests can be felt within their soul, making the need to complete them very strong.

Caithe continues to be a central character in Guild Wars 2 through End of Dragons and goes on to become a member of Dragon's Watch.

Logan Thackeray

  • Race: Human
  • Status: Alive
  • Original Guild: Edge of Steel

Logan Thackeray is the champion of Queen Jennah and remains a central character through End of Dragons, similar to Caithe.

After the events in Heart of Thorns, Logan was weak and needed time to recover. During this time until Living World Season 4, Logan stayed in Kryta, defending Divinity's Reach, as well as Lake Doric.

In Living World Season 4 and Icebrood Saga, Logan aids Dragon's Watch but is never considered an official member.

Rytlock Brimstone

  • Race: Charr
  • Status: Alive
  • Original Guild: Edge of Steel

If you have played through the entire story in Guild Wars 2, you know that Rytlock Brimstone remains a central figure through the majority of it. More often than not, he aids you through story chapters until End of Dragons, where he remains in Tyria.

Prior to joining Destiny's Edge, Rytlock stole Sohothin, a legendary Ascalonian magic sword.

Earlier, we mentioned that Rytlock disappears into the Mists. This is because Rytlock was looking for a way to remove the Foefire curse in Ascalon. Through research, he learned that this was possible with the help of Sohothin and its twin, Magdaer, as well as a crown.

While trying to reverse the curse, Sohothin was lost in the Mists, and Rytlock followed it. He eventually leaves the Mists as a Revenant and goes on to help Destiny's Edge defeat Mordremoth.


  • Race: Asura
  • Status: Unknown
  • Original Guild: Dragonspawn's Destiny

Although Zojja is a member of Destiny's Edge, she is a bit of a mystery.

After the events of Heart of Thorns, Zojja remains injured and is never seen again. From here, we know nothing about Zojja, and the other characters seem to be unsure of her location.

The reasoning for this is due to a scheduling conflict with Zojja's voice actor. At this point, the narrative team for Guild Wars 2 is unsure of how to bring her character back into the story naturally, so for now, Zojja is bedridden and not relevant to the story.


  • Race: Asura
  • Status: Dead
  • Original Guild: Dragonspawn's Destiny

Lastly, we have Snaff. Snaff is the mentor to Zojja that fought with Destiny's Edge until his death.

Snaff was an important piece of the guild, and his death caused tension between the remaining members. With his death, the members felt guilt and eventually dissolved the group.

While alive, Snaff made great strides in Dragon research and the energy that dragons exude. This research was continued by Zojja and Taimi.

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