Hacked Underpants Gettng Elden Ring Players Soft Banned For 180 Days

Roughly a month ago, Elden Ring dataminers made a startling discovery. Hidden away in the game files was an item that was unobtainable in-game despite being part of the Fia’s Deathbed armor set. That item was called the Deathbed Smalls, which had seemingly been cut before Elden Ring’s final release.

The reason for that becomes readily apparent as soon as you see the Deathbed Smalls. They’re basically Fia’s panties. Not exactly something you’d want players to find if you want to win game of the year. So Bandai Namco removed the panties and released Elden Ring to 12 million in sales.

However, someone created a cheat that allows players to equip the Deathbed Smalls via console commands, and now someone else (or possibly the same someone) is invading people’s games and leaving the Deathbed Smalls armor on the ground for players to come across later.

According to Kotaku, that player is known as “Pantsu Dealer,” but rather than deal in risqué underwear, they’re dealing in 180 soft bans. Picking up the Deathbed Smalls triggers Elden Ring’s anti-cheat and tells players they’re at risk of having their account soft banned for six months, forcing them to either play in offline mode or in an online pool filled with other cheaters.

Worse yet, several Reddit users have noted that simply deleting the Deathbed Small isn't enough to get around the ban. Bandai Namco customer support is telling users that they need to uninstall and reinstall Elden Ring in order to avoid the ban, and this includes deleting their save file and starting from scratch.

This seems an escalation of previous messages players receive when Easy Anti-Cheat detects something amiss. Normally the system simply forces players to play in offline mode until the offending software is turned off, but because the Deathbed Smalls is an illegal item in the player's inventory, that's not possible.

Consider this a PSA: don't pick up strange panties lying on the ground in Elden Ring. You could get banned for six months.

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