Halo Infinite Leads The Game Awards Players’ Voice Category, New World In Last

The Game Awards' Players' Choice category gives fans the chance to say what game they think deserves the top prize. Since there are so many titles to get through, there are three rounds of voting, with the least popular getting knocked out and the favourites moving onto the next wave. Today, the first round comes to a close – and the winner and loser couldn't be clearer.

Halo Infinite takes the top spot, not really surprising anyone who has been paying attention. On the flip side, small little indie studio Amazon failed to impress with its debut MMO, as that sits and the bottom of the pile, alongside Battlefield 2042.

This isn't enough for Halo to take the crown, but it's more than enough for New World and Battlefield to be out the running. Not that anyone would have been betting on the former taking home the prize, considering that its own community has had enough of it recently.

There are a couple of games that could still knock 343 Industries big title off its throne. Resident Evil Village is in a close second right now, then followed by another fan and critic favourite, Forza Horizon 5. It Takes Two, Metroid Dread, and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy also claim top spots, but they'll need a bit of a push in the later rounds if they want to go for the crown.

This puts Halo Infinite in a good position heading into next year's award ceremony. Its multiplayer launched too early to be a nominee this time around, but it'll likely get a Game of the Year nod in 2022. Its single-player campaign launches in just a few days, too, likely to increase its popularity even further.

Voting in the first round is still open, so head over to The Game Awards' website to cast your picks. There are 30 games to choose from, and around 13 hours at the time of writing until the round ends.

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