Halo Infinite Players Discover Another Tribute To ‘Rock Star’ Craig

The Halo Infinite campaign is finally available and players can now experience Master Chief’s latest adventure. However, some eagle-eyed players might've already found another tribute to everyone’s favorite brute, Craig, just a day after launch.

The Halo Infinite worldwide reveal in July 2020 might not have been what fans expected but it gave fans some meme-worthy content in the form of Craig. Since then the brute has become a key figure in the community, and now it seems that 343 has found another way to immortalize him.

A post on the Halo Subreddit shows the photo of a boulder in the open world that looks very much like Craig (per Gamesradar). The post doesn’t contain details about the location of this particular boulder on Zeta Halo, but it seems pretty obvious that this is indeed a Craig memorial.

This is the second easter egg dedicated to Craig that has been found. The first one can be found once players unlock the tower in the fourth mission of the campaign. On top of the tower is a poster that turns Craig into an actual rock star and also a music CD that has his greatest hits.

Overall, the community love the campaign and it has also garnered praise from critics across the industry. However, it was recently discovered that Infinite won’t allow players to replay missions like the older games did. This is probably due to the game’s semi-open world structure which restricts 343 from allowing players to do so. However, there is a possibility that it might change in the near future.

For now, The Game Awards has an exciting announcement for Halo fans. The event will finally reveal the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Halo TV series which has been in the making for quite some time. It will be streaming exclusively on Paramount+ and we might even get a release date for the same.

343 Industries has done a stellar job with Halo Infinite multiplayer and campaign, which is evident given the community’s sentiment around the game. Infinite is only to get bigger once the co-op campaign and Forge modes launch in 2022.

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