Hearthstone: Every Shaman Card From March Of The Lich King, Ranked

Hearthstone introduces ten more Shaman cards with the March of the Lich King expansion. As with any expansion, we're eager to create new decks to highlight the strengths of our collections.

It's critical to know the benefits of every card, as well as where they may fall short in comparison with others. Luckily, March of the Lich King’s Shaman cards all have their uses, though some are certainly stronger than others.

10/10 Scourge Troll

Scourge Troll is an epic Minion that will double any Deathrattles granted to it. If you’re looking to add this to your deck, make sure you have other cards that will give Deathrattles to Minions, otherwise, you’re relying solely on Scourge Troll for the stats they have, which are minimal at one Attack and three Health.

Still, a Minion with any stats that only costs one mana isn’t a bad thing; it’s just best to build a deck that will maximize the potential of this Troll.

9/10 Rotgill

Legendary Minions always have decent stats, and Rotgill is no different. However, five mana is a high cost for only three Attack damage, so this isn’t a card you’ll want to have in your deck if you’re not ready to plan using it around its Battlecry.

Rotgill will give your Minions a Deathrattle that will then give the remaining Minions +1/+1 stats, setting off a chain reaction of benefits. If you have Rotgill you’ll want to have Scourge Troll in your deck, too, since they work hand-in-hand.

8/10 Blightblood Berserker

A high-cost epic Minion, Blightblood Berserker has Taunt, Lifesteal, Reborn, and a Deathrattle. While so many keywords certainly make this Minion sound like the absolute best of the Shaman cards, the payoff is limited when you can only use it later in the game.

That said, when Blightblood Berserker is destroyed, it will deal three damage to an enemy at random, which helps no matter what point in the game it is, and it will create a barrier between you and your opponent, as they won't want to aimlessly throw Minions in its path.

7/10 Unliving Champion

Unliving Champion is a common Minion with a fair price for the 3/2 stats it brings to the table. If you have a lot of Undead cards in your deck, adding Unliving Champion is a good idea because if you play it after one of those Undead has been killed, you’ll also gain two Zombies with 3/2 stats.

This means if you play your cards right, you could get three cards in play for just three mana, and all will deal three Attack damage to enemies. Plus, the low cost allows you to play it early if need be, which will set the groundwork for a win later.

6/10 Prescience

Prescience is a rare Spell that draws two Minions for you. If either (or both) cost five or more mana, you’ll also get a Spirit with Taunt and two Attack and three Health stats per card. Like Unliving Champion, this means you could get more cards for the price of this one Spell.

Depending on your deck, you might not get the full benefit of four cards since the two Spirits have more to do with chance than the Spell, but you still get the two Minions regardless, both with decent stats to help move you forward.

5/10 Harkener of Dread

This common Minion doesn’t offer great stats for the five mana price, but it does come with Taunt to shield other cards, and a Deathrattle effect that summons a 6/6 stat Undead with Taunt. Since Harkener of Dread will likely die as quickly as you play it thanks to two Health, the Deathrattle is what makes this card extra appealing.

An Undead card to act as a shield that also attacks with six damage can go a long way to help you eliminate your opponent’s cards. You’ll also have the ability to play this in the middle of the game or later, based on when you need Minions with Taunt.

4/10 Deathweaver Aura

Deathweaver Aura is a cheap common Spell that will give one of your Minions Deathrattle that summons two Zombies with 3/2 stats. This is another Spell that will work well with Scourge Troll, so if you plan to have one in your deck, go ahead and add the other.

Casting this Spell will turn a single Minion into two Zombies for only two mana, and that’s a benefit worth using at any point in the game. Especially if you find yourself strapped for mana early on and few cards to spend it on.

3/10 Shadow Suffusion

Shadow Suffusion is a rare Spell that will give all your Minions the Deathrattle effect. For just three mana, you can cast this Spell to make your Minions target a random enemy with three damage when they die.

The more active Minions you have, the better this Spell will work for you, guaranteeing an extra three damage for each you’ve played.

2/10 From De Other Side

A rare Spell, From De Other Side is going to set you back ten mana, so you’ll have to play it later in the game. This isn’t so terrible, though, because this Spell creates copies of every Minion you currently have in hand, sends them off to attack enemies at random, then they die.

If you find yourself in a close game with your opponent, pulling From De Other Side will hit them with enough damage to level the playing field, if not win you the game entirely.

1/10 Overlord Drakuru

Overlord Drakuru is a legendary Minion, as the name might suggest. This card costs nine mana but gives you 6/8 stats in return, plus Rush and Windfury to allow it to attack twice in a single turn.

The Overlord will also resurrect after it kills a Minion, so it’s like getting two cards for the price of one, though hopefully, it does enough damage the first time around that you don’t have to worry about it resurrecting.

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