Hell freezes over: Mario Kart coming to PC claim Nintendo dataminers

Nintendo may be planning its first PC game in 25 years, as evidence is found of a PC version of mobile game Mario Kart Tour.

Sony bringing their exclusive first party games to PC has been controversial enough but one thing that always seemed impossible is the idea of Nintendo doing the same, and yet that’s exactly what might be happening… sort of.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo only makes video games, so it relies entirely on its consoles having unique features that nobody else does, and a range of games that are unavailable anywhere else.

As such, there was huge controversy when they started making mobile games, although few have been particularly popular and in recent years they’ve seemed to be winding down their efforts. Mario Kart Tour was one of the biggest though and it seems it may be coming to PC.

Nintendo has said nothing official but the evidence is fairly good, as it comes from dataminers sifting through the code of the latest mobile update.

Their mining found all manner of interesting details, including new courses, a battle mode, anti-gravity features, and connectivity with Mario Kart 8 on the Switch. Most surprising of all though are references in the programming code to mouse support and native emulation support.

The latter is ambiguous in terms of the code, but it comes just as Google is about to launch their Google Play Games for PC service, which allows you to play Android games on a PC and is already in beta.

Microsoft is also planning to add Android apps to the Windows Store, which theoretically will allow you to play any game via third party stores such as the Amazon App Store.

The information was shared by dataminers on Discord and summarised by user MondoMega on ResetEra. There’s no guarantee Nintendo will go through with putting the game on PC, but it certainly does seem as if they’re considering it.

Although it will certainly raise some eyebrows amongst hardcore Nintendo fans it is worth remembering that Mario Kart Tour is awful, and riddled with microtransactions. So it coming to PC is not necessarily anything to get excited about.

It is, surprisingly, far from the first Nintendo game to be released on PC though. Or at least not the first to feature Super Mario. In the early 90s Nintendo licensed Mazza out to Interplay and other companies for a wide range of edutainment titles such as Mario is Missing! and Mario Teaches Typing.

There was even Mario’s Game Gallery (aka Mario’s FUNdamentals) in 1995, although that only featured the likes of backgammon, draughts, and dominoes.

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