Here’s What Remains Of The Cut Northern Limit Area In Demon’s Souls

Now over a decade old and with a remake on the way, some might assume that Demon’s Souls has given all it can. That’s not entirely the case – as it turns out, the game was originally going to have another area – the snow-coated Northern Limit, complete with a massive, foreboding castle. The archstone in the Nexus that would have led here is broken, but of course, that hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from getting to the area.

Given that the area was cut, it’s rife with strange and broken spots, from NPCs that were meant to have dialogue but have nothing to say, monsters not seen anywhere else in the game, and castle hallways to nowhere (complete with ceilings you can phase through). Souls fan Lance McDonald recently set about making a more comprehensive tour of the cut area for his YouTube channel, and was even able to restore most of the enemies and a few events that would have been present. What we can see of the area is strange – and fascinating.

At first, it looks like the world is completely barren. Starting off near a few immobile, but otherwise not too strange, monsters and NPCs within a vast white landscape with nothing but snow and wind, it’d be easy to think that’s all there is. Follow the mountain ridge creatively though, and it’s not just a trip into the abyss after all. Significant parts of the castle actually got put into the game, to the point that it’s been discovered there are 2 areas: one through the broken archstone, leading to a cavern that would have held a boss fight, and another through the ‘decommissioned archstone,’ leading to a gigantic castle.

The tour, which attempts to go through the two areas as the developers might have once intended (as opposed to flying through them with the use of an emulator) is particularly useful now that fans who’ve seen the trailer for the PS5 remake are clamoring at the possibility of the Northern Limit making the cut this time. Knowledge of where encounters or boss fights might be would only make playing them out on the PS5 game that much sweeter, knowing they’ve been MIA for over a decade, after all.

It’s not unfounded confidence or wishful thinking, either. The trailer for the remake shows us a glacial mountainscape not present in the original game’s trailer – opening the door to the possibility that this time, all of the archstones in the Nexus will be functional.

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