Hideo Kojima Posts Tweet Making Fun Of Norman Reedus After He Leaked Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima has posted a Tweet making fun of Norman Reedus after the latter casually mentioned that Death Stranding 2 is in development.

Yesterday, an interview between Norman Reedus and Leo Edit was released, which mostly focused on Reedus' time as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. One section of the interview has Reedus talking about his time working on Death Stranding, where he says "We just started the second one", seemingly confirming a second game is coming.

Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima has since posted a Tweet that pokes fun at Norman Reedus and acknowledges that Death Stranding 2 might have just been accidentally announced. Hours after the remarks by Reedus went viral, Kojima shared a collection of images of him and Reedus posing.

The first image has Kojima holding a replica of Lucille's bat from The Walking Dead and looking menacingly at the camera. The second has Reedus on his knees with his hands over his eyes looking scared while Kojima aims the bat at his head, clearly poking fun at Reedus having leaked Death Stranding 2. The third then has the two with their arms around each other, making it clear that it's all in good fun and that Kojima isn't annoyed that Reedus mentioned the project early.

If that wasn't enough to tell you that this is a direct reference to Reedus leaking Death Stranding 2, the caption alongside the images should make it clear, as it reads "Go to your private room, my friend". This is a reference to Death Stranding's private rooms, which Sam Porter Bridges, who Reedus played, can use to rest and relax. In this context, it seems like Kojima is telling Reedus to shut up, but in a friendly way.

Although Kojima doesn't outright mention the fact that Death Stranding 2 has basically been confirmed by the game's leading actor, it's clear that the Tweet is in reference to it. At least he doesn't seem all that annoyed to have a project leaked and has instead taken it as a chance to make a joke.

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