Hideo Kojima Put A Project On Hold Because It Was Too Similar To The Boys

Hideo Kojima was working on an untitled project about a detective team that took down superheroes – until he realized that was basically the plot of The Boys. This was revealed today on his Twitter account, as Kojima shares that he's getting back into the show following the release of its third season.

This project, whatever it would have been called, was seemingly set to star Mads Mikkelsen, because of course it was. While there would have been differences between the two properties, Kojima says that the similarities were significant enough that he's put his plans "in storage", with no indication that he's going to revisit them anytime soon.

The tweet has only been shared on Kojima's Japanese Twitter account at the time of writing, so all we have on hand is a rough translation. Still, it makes it clear that upon watching the first three episodes of The Boys, the game director realized there were too many similarities.

In the tweet, Kojima says the project would have featured a "special detective team" comprising of a man and a woman. They would have "confront[ed] legendary heroes behind the scenes". He also says that the "settings and gimmicks" were different from what we see in The Boys, but it was still enough to put the whole thing on hold.

In any case, Kojima has plenty to keep him and his studio busy, even without this scrapped superhero project. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Kojima Productions is working on an exclusive Xbox game, which according to leaks, is titled Overdose. He also reassured Sony fans that he will "continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation as well", suggesting that another game is in the works, and it will be available on PS5. This is presumably the Death Stranding sequel that Norman Reedus seemed to confirm last month, although this hasn't been officially confirmed either.

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