How To Handle Caustic And Bangalore’s Gas And Smoke Nerfs In Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the kind of game that can undergo a complete transformation if you haven’t played for a few months. Sure, all of the characters you know and love are there, but the way they play and how their abilities shape encounters can change drastically, to the point that your old game plan can become obsolete in a single patch. That is how a lot of players have been left to feel as of the most recent Apex Legends patch, where Bangalore and Caustic got hit with a nerf that was not announced within the patch notes.

The transparency of both Bangalore’s smoke grenades and Caustic’s Nox gas has been wildly changed, and those who main these characters are not happy about it. Previously both smoke and gas could be used as complete cover – immerse yourself within it, and you should become pretty much invisible to any nearby enemies, unless they get too close for comfort. This is a great way for Caustic to hide and heal, or for Bangalore to revive downed teammates in the heat of combat. But now both smoke and Nox gas is far more transparent than before, making it much easier to see enemies as they move through it.

This is a huge nerf for both Bangalore and Caustic, who essentially are losing a big part of their game plan. You will have to adjust your strategies accordingly, and in this guide we’re going to be breaking down everything you need to know to play as Bangalore and Caustic and keep winning. Just read on below for our essential tips.

How To Use Bangalore’s Smoke As Of The Most Recent Patch

Bangalore’s smoke is much thinner than ever before, somewhat negating the need for thermal sights and reducing the effectiveness of her cover. Changing your game plan to fit this switch will be a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

One tip is to use Bangalore’s smoke much more aggressively than before. You thought throwing down one smoke grenade was good before? Well now you should think about unleashing all three at once and covering a much wider area with your cans if you’re under threat of going into combat.

You won’t be as hidden with a single smoke can anymore, and spreading your smoke thinly will not help as much as you’d like. Instead you have to lay it down thick in order to make an impact. If anything, using smoke as a diversion is a more important tactic than before. You could, previously, throw down smoke and heal/revive inside of it, but now you should perhaps move away from it, using it as a distraction for your opponents to focus on.

How To Use Caustic’s Nox Gas As Of The Most Recent Patch

Caustic’s gas used to have a lot of unique properties you could abuse. For example, the cans themselves make for great cover, and the opacity of the gas means for a great way to hide Caustic while healing. Heck, even a Nox gas grenade ultimate could be used in a wide open space as impenetrable cover, a bit like Bangalore’s smoke. With the new transparency, it is not as useful anymore.

Instead you’ll need to use Caustic’s gas, well, in the way that it is intended. This won’t be dealing as much damage as it used to, it won’t be hiding you very well, and it won’t be slowing enemies very much, but it’ll still be useful in close-quarters combat and when you manage to trap enemies within small buildings.

These nerfs have hit Caustic the hardest, and as a result Caustic mains might want to consider playing with another character until things being to balance out.

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