Humankind Has Been Delayed Until August

The civilization strategy game Humankind has been delayed until August 17, making it the second delay for Amplitude’s title. The pandemic continues to hinder the release of many projects, but developers are also taking extra time to perfect its releases in light of Cyberpunk 2077’s fiasco.

Humankind received its first delay back in June 2020, when it was pushed to April 2021. With April just around the corner, Amplitude has issued another delay just in the nick of time, adding another four months to the community’s wait. Last year, fans were able to participate in the game’s ‘OpenDev’ program, where you were able to indulge in three scenarios. The first scenario allowed 45 minutes of gameplay as you controlled a Babylonian civilization. The second offered four smaller parts based on armies, battles, deployment, and tactics, and the third wanted you to ‘Hold The Fort’ by defending England from invaders.

Amplitude announced the delay with a ‘Thank You’ video sent to the fans for taking part in the Lucy OpenDev. The setback was explained further within a blog post which highlighted the feedback received through the OpenDev program. While the team is confident that Humankind is a solid entry into the historical 4X genre, Amplitude agreed that certain areas could be improved on. Further improvements to the game as well as an overall polish will be worked on from now until August, in order to deliver a successful experience from day one.

The turn-based strategy game published by Sega allows you to take the world’s history into your own hands, and rewrite our evolution as a species. Combining up to 60 possible cultures from Neolithic tribes to Mayans can be achieved, as you move your civilization through generations. Humankind also allows you to build your own world, where you choose how to deal with historical events and moral decisions. Additionally, you will be able to oversee battles, grow your fame, and most importantly, customize your leader to rival any royal’s fashion sense.

In other Sega news, the publisher hopes that its new 2022 release of Sonic Prime will help set its schedule back on track. Sega projected that it would debut 30 games before the end of the fiscal year, however, it has only managed to release 18.

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