Hunt: Showdown’s 1.5 Update Has Some Features Delayed Until 2021

Crytek has become another victim of this year’s hardship, as it announced a few delays regarding Hunt: Showdown’s upcoming Update 1.5. While it’s not all bad news, the full benefits of the substantial update will not be up for grabs until next year.

Posting on the game’s official website, the team addressed their fanbase highlighting how difficult this year has been. Cutting straight to the chase, Crytek stated that two features of Update 1.5 – the new boss and custom ammo types – were being moved to release in 2021. Admitting their disappointment, the team reiterated their goal of producing the “best possible game” to fans. As a silver lining, Crytek confirmed that the remaining features of the Update 1.5  would still release this year with Update 1.4.8.

Update 1.4.8 will include a different type of loot that will be hidden around the map. In addition, weapons variants, watch towers, Legendaries, gameplay improvements, and “a few other surprises” will also be available before year end. The team announced that they would be holding a Hunt Dev Stream on Twitch which will include more details of the updates, however, no specific date was confirmed. The devs will most likely continue to elaborate on the struggles which faced them and the rest of the industry this year, but on a more positive note, their current post highlighted how grateful they are to be a part of Hunt’s journey.

In addition to the update details, Crytek also revealed four teaser images relating to the features that you will get to experience very soon. Crytek asked fans to “make of them what you will”, with the first image featuring an old clock on a candlelit table with scattered photographs. The second image had a vintage filter showing a Win 1887 Shotgun and its bullets, with the third showing two characters being followed by another wearing an old doctor’s mask. The fourth showed another sepia-tinted image of a Win 1876, and Crytek also mentioned that the game’s official Roadmap would be updated very soon. The team concluded that they were “hard at work on this stuff”, driven to deliver these new features as quickly as possible.

The FPS received a flurry of new players once it left Steam’s Early Access last year, as praise was sent its way for an interesting new take on the battle royale genre. Hunt: Showdown was also marked as being a unique title within the multiplayer market, and fans of Crytek’s eighth console title can’t wait to receive the imminent new content.

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