Insane Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Eliminates Four Squads To Win The Game

Watch this insane Warzone player kill four squads to achieve warzone victory.

It’s really hard to win in Call of Duty: Warzone. Assuming all squads have a full three members and everyone is at roughly the same skill level, your odds are one in 50–which is to say, not exactly great. Those odds get even worse if your two team members are down and you’re left alone to slog it out against four squads of enemies.

For Reddit user aleramz, 8 against one was a walk in the park.

Well, not entirely. He still got shot a lot and likely would have had a lot of trouble if he didn’t have some spare armor in his inventory.

In the final circle, aleramz found himself alone against an oncoming horde. Hiding in an alley provided some measure of protection, but he’d need to evacuate eventually or otherwise get caught out in the open. He’d also need to be extremely good or extremely lucky, and as it turns out, aleramz was both.

The first enemy downed was helpless as they descended from a rooftop, while the second and third enemies didn’t react fast enough to aleramz’s ambush. Giving away his position, aleramz then gets into a firefight where he’s forced to respond with his grenade launcher, eventually downing another two opponents as they tried to rush his position.

Finally, the last two enemies are caught outside the gas circle and are partially damaged by the time aleramz finishes them both off. Check out the video above to see how it all went down.

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