It Takes Two Easter Egg Features Famous Josef Fares Rant

It Takes Two was released on March 26, and people are beginning to notice an Easter Egg from the famous rant of Josef Fares. Fares, It Takes Two’s director, is known to be passionate and outspoken, and is definitely not afraid to speak his mind. One of these instances has made its way into It Takes Two.

In 2017, Fares was invited to The Game Awards. While promoting his upcoming game A Way Out, Fares began to rant about the Oscar Awards. He went on to say, “Okay, can you swear here? Okay. F*ck the Oscars! You know? F*ck the Oscars! F*ck you! I’m telling you. This is like… this is bullsh*t!” This wasn’t the end of his rant though. Fares then went on to criticize EA, who happened to publish the game he was supposed to be promoting.

Eventually, Fares was cut off and his rant ended. He went on to defend his rant though, telling news outlets that he is a passionate person, and it was hard to control thoughts like this. Fortunately, his passion made for a very entertaining award show.

One of the people to recognize this Easter Egg was none other than Geoff Keighley, the host of The Game Awards. Keighley shared a tweet with a video of the Easter Egg on his Twitter account. Fans of It Takes Two replied to his tweet, all sharing their love for Josef Fares. Everyone collectively agrees that this is a great Easter Egg, and this rant is definitely an iconic moment within the gaming community.

Interested in finding this Easter Egg yourself? Without spoiling too much of the game, you can find Fares’ rant in Rose’s room while at the satellite dish. If you turn the satellite dish around 180 degrees, you can hear a bit of the rant! This isn’t the only Easter Egg in the game though. It Takes Two includes references to A Way Out, as well as The Legend of Zelda. The game also takes elements from other video game genres, so you will never lose interest.

Although Fares can be a bit eccentric, he knows how to roll out amazing video games. It Takes Two has overwhelmingly positive reviews all across the internet, with TheGamer stating that it’s “the best co-op game since Portal 2.” If you haven’t already bought It Takes Two, then get moving! The game is currently $39.99 on Steam, and with a friend pass, they can join you for free.

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