Just Cause: Mobile Is A Free-To-Play Shooter Set In The Just Cause Universe

Last night’s The Game Awards were full of surprises. We got Master Chief coming to Fortnite, Sephiroth coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and a brand new Ghosts ‘n Goblins game for the Nintendo Switch.

We also got a mobile Just Cause game, because that was something that people were asking for.

We have Square Enix to thank for the free-to-play Just Cause: Mobile. The trailer makes it seem like a twin-stick shooter only without the sticks because it’ll be on mobile (although it will almost certainly play better with a controller hooked up to your phone). Just Cause: Mobile offers an “explosive” singleplayer campaign, four-player co-op “battle zones,” and a competitive multiplayer mode of up to 30 people.

We don’t have much info on any of these modes, but we can make a few assumptions based on the trailer. Whereas all previous Just Cause games pitted mercenary Rico Rodriguez against some totalitarian dictator, this time it seems like a whole host of mercenary soldiers are taking aim at a villain who bears a suspicious resemblance to Jeff Bezos. Perhaps you’ll be taking on a military-industrial complex, which would certainly explain the presence of all those attack helicopters.

Besides General Bezos, there’s a lot of different characters for the player to choose from and none of them even have a passing resemblance to Rodriguez. They do, however, have all his toys, including wrist-mounted grapple shot, parachute, and Wingsuit.

Conquer Challenge Mode appears to be a four-player co-op mode where you just run around blowing stuff up. Triple Threat multiplayer seems to pit three teams against each other in a messy free-for-all, while “30 player competitive multiplayer” has absolutely no description at all. We’ll surely find out more later.

As a free-to-play game, expect to download Just Cause: Mobile for free and then start paying for equipment, experience boosters, or however else the game decides to monetize itself. But you have time to prepare your wallets since Just Cause: Mobile won’t arrive on iOS and Android until later in 2021.

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