Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Enchants Us With Free Demo Next Month

A free demo for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will come Hand In Hand with fans next month.

GameRant reported that the demo will arrive sometime in mid-October for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch for the West. We don’t yet know the extent of what will be playable, but we expect that there will be 3-5 songs available that will show the variety of gameplay offered in this rhythm title.

We explained in a prior article that the game will have boss battles inspired by the epic fights of the long-running series, slower fly-through sections for more emotional/dramatic tunes, and then Guitar Hero-like stretches of gameplay with Sora and company bashing heartless with a field or battle theme. The controls of the game will feel surprisingly familiar to Kingdom Hearts fans, as the circle button will be for jumping and the cross button will be for attacking.

If you love the demo and can’t wait to play the game, Square Enix is offering a pre-order bonus for those who are extra keen on PlayStation. When you pre-order it, you gain a slick-looking PS4 theme with Theathrhythm style chibi art of Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

Melody of Memory will be a continuation of the series, despite it seeming like a spinoff. From the trailers, it seems that we’ll find out more about Kairi’s backstory and why she forgot where she came from in the original Kingdom Hearts. She is also on a journey to save Sora from whatever fate he has been given after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. Hopefully, she succeeds!

But don’t get too excited about any new worlds in the title. The series director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that there won’t be new worlds to explore in this title. It makes sense, but remember that Chain of Memories gave fans their first glimpse of Twilight Town back in the day!

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory looks to be an impressive celebration of the outstanding soundtracks from Yoko Shimomura. With over 140 songs in the game with 47 worlds represented, this seems to be a perfect love letter to Kingdom Hearts fans.

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