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The opening of Kingdom Hearts is a bizarre and fairly obtuse tutorial. You’ll learn the basic mechanics of movement, attacking, and interactions, but also be asked to make a few choices that seem completely random or arbitrary to the game.

Almost like a personality test, these questions, on the surface, seem like they might somehow impact the personality of Sora. In reality, these questions can drastically change the game’s difficulty curve. Let our guide be your guiding light to understand what these beginning questions really mean.

What Weapon Choices Mean

The first choice you make in Kingdom Hearts is related to your build. This is represented by three weapons, the sword, shield, and staff. The game is pretty clear about what your choices mean here. You pick one to be a focus, and one to sacrifice.

  • The sword represents a melee focus.
  • The shield represents a focus on defense.
  • The staff represents a focus on magic.

Then you get to test out the combat a bit before being taken to Destiny Islands for the first time.

Kingdom Hearts Destiny Island Questions

Once at Destiny Islands, yore restricted to a small area of the island with Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. Each Final Fantasy character has a question for you with three possible answers.

Unlike the weapon choice, the game hides just how important your answers here are. Here are the three questions and answers:

Tidus: What are you so afraid of?

  1. Getting old.
  2. Being different.
  3. Being indecisive.

Wakka: What do you want outta life?

  1. To see rare sights.
  2. To broaden my horizons.
  3. To be strong.

Selphie: What’s most important to you?

  1. Being number one.
  2. Friendship.
  3. My prize possessions.

What Tidus, Wakka, And Selphie’s Questions Mean

While you could just go with your gut and answer honestly, you should know what you’re actually picking here. Depending on which answers you choose, the amount of XP you need to level up at different stages of the game will change.

There are three possible ways this can turn out. You’ll be able to have an easier leveling experience at the beginning, keep the XP required per level static or reduce the XP needed to level in the late game.

  • Choosing the first answers will mean the first 50 levels require less XP, and those beyond 50 require more.
  • Choosing the second answers will mean the XP required per level will stay the same throughout the game.
  • Choosing the third answers will mean the first 50 levels require more XP but those after this will require less.

To summarize, if you want to level up fast in the early game, select the top answer for each question. To have a neutral leveling experience, choose the second options, and to level up quickly later on choose the third options.

You’ll be able to confirm which option you’ve selected when you leave and the game tells you the time. Starting your adventure at dawn means you’ll get an easy experience to begin, midday means a static experience, and the dead of night means the easy ride comes after level 50.

With that decision made, finish off the tutorial and begin your adventure!

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