Kitboga Created A Program To Automatically Troll Scammers

Kitboga is making a program that automatically trolls scammers using voice-activated prompts.

For those new to Kitboga, he’s a scammer scammer–that is, he calls up known telephone scam operations and then basically just trolls them for as long as he can. He uses a number of fake personas to accomplish this (he’s really good at fake voices) and also leans heavily on technology to make his scam as believable as possible.

In the beginning of Kitboga’s career, that meant digital voice alteration and fake virtual PCs for the real scammers to try to hack their way into, but now Kitboga is taking the art of the prank call to the next level.

He’s using artificial intelligence.

Kitboga is currently working on an automated scam script that will use the caller’s voice to prompt responses. This basically removes Kitboga from the call entirely and lets a computer take the reins. You can see the system in action in the clip below.

The system isn’t perfect, obviously, as the scammer pretty quickly realized what was going on after the script got stuck asking for the caller to speak up. But we’ve got faith that Kitboga can get something working so that he can automatically troll scammers during his off-hours.

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