Leak Claiming A Plague Tale: Innocence Is July’s PS Plus Game Gains Credibility After Xbox Showcase

A rumour that stated A Plague Tale: Innocence will be the PS5 PlayStation Plus game of July is seeming more likely following the Xbox E3 conference.

The rumour, as reported by GameRant, was put out before the Xbox conference and said that Plague Tale: Requiem would be announced at the Xbox show, as well as claiming that it was coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

As anyone who watched the Xbox conference will no doubt know, that part of the rumour was proven to be true, with the same subtitle and Xbox Game Pass announcement. The rumour wasn’t done there though, as it also stated that a next-gen remaster of the first game is coming, which was announced later that same week during the Microsoft extended conference.

So far every step of this rumour has been proven right, which lends credibility to the last detail. According to this leaker on ResetEra, the PS5 remaster of Plague Tale: Innocence will be the PS Plus title for July, with the leaker even saying not to buy the game as it’ll be free for subscribers.

Beyond the fact that every other detail of the announcement has come true so far, it’s interesting to note that the remaster’s release date falls on July 6, which is when the PlayStation Plus titles for that month will be updated. This doesn’t seem like a coincidence, which has given this rumour more staying power.

Some might be wondering why Sony would try and grab the remaster for Plague Tale: Innocence considering the sequel to the game was announced at its rivals showcase, but that’s all the more reason to do so and keep it relevant on another console. A Plague Tale: Requiem may have been announced at Microsoft’s showcase, but it’s actually coming to PlayStation and Switch as well.

Although this is still a rumour until Sony confirms the games coming to PlayStation Plus, the amount of things it has backing it up make it seem incredibly likely that A Plague Tale: Innocence will be this month’s PS5 title.

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