Legends Of Runeterra’s Monuments Of Power Expansion Adds Three New Champions

The card pool of Legends of Runeterra is getting bigger again, thanks to the new Monuments of Power expansion. It also opens up the playing field to… well the playing field. A new card type called Landmarks is introduced that offer abilities based on famous locations in Runeterra. There are 40 new cards in total, including the addition of three more champions.

The new champions are Shyvana for Demacia, Soraka for Targon, and Tahm Ketch for Bilgewater. Riot Games has the goal of balancing all the regions by the end of the year. Monuments of Power is part of the Call of the Mountain set, which will have one more expansion in December. That final set will bring all regions up to speed when it comes to champion representation, as well as an almost-equal share of all available cards.

There will be six of the new Landmark cards. Each one depicts a “powerful location in Runeterra.” Playing them is the same as using other cards in that you just place them on the board. However, Landmarks cannot take part in battle. They also aren’t affected by other cards unless that card specifically says so. It’s like playing battlefield cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Aside from the Landmarks, Monuments of Power adds 10 cards for Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia. The other regions get two new cards each. There’s also a new Lab that lets you experiment with six decks based around the new Landmarks. Finally, the Region Roads for Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia have been updated to let you unlock new cards.

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