LEGO Marks Mario Day By Announcing A Super Mario Collaboration

Today, March 10, is known as Mario day, due to the date’s abbreviation as Mar 10, and what better way to celebrate than with Mario related news? Clearly LEGO and Nintendo feel the same way, as they have released a short but very sweet trailer announcing an upcoming collaboration between LEGO and the Super Mario brand.

There are two versions of the same short video to be found. The first is posted on Nintendo of America’s Twitter feed and gives us a brief glimpse of a chunky looking Mario with some interesting LED additions. Meanwhile, LEGO has more sensibly posted a portrait version of the clip, which you can see below.

The accompanying slogan from Nintendo says that “something fun is being built.” While we aren’t entirely sure how much fun having eyes and teeth that appear to be made from an LED screen is, we are excited by a collaboration between the two brands.

From the trailer alone, we can’t get too many clues about what’s coming but the figure may well be either an Amibo type product or potentially some kind of Duplo, due to its chunky and robust design.

Nintendo has already produced an Amiibo that is blocky in style, with the 8-bit Mario Amiibo. This new image, however, looks much cleaner and more modern. It also seemingly involves some kind of changing LED screen on Mario’s chest.

The announcement follows LEGO’s last gaming collaboration which saw them partner with Blizzard to produce Overwatch themed brick sets. Currently, we are watching and waiting to see if we will be given actual LEGO sets but regardless of the outcome, the partnership itself is one we’re very excited about.

Mario is a much-loved character who appeals to all ages and LEGO has the same wide-ranging appeal. The only real question we have about the collaboration is why hasn’t it happened earlier? The duo is likely to match well together, whatever form the partnership takes, and we look forward to seeing the result.

For now, we’re just eagerly hitting refresh and hoping to gain some more information from either Nintendo or LEGO before the end of the (Mario) day.

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