List Of Legendaries In Crown Tundra — Every Legendary Pokemon In Sword & Shield

Between the new region, story missions, Dynamax Adventures, and of course Pokemon, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into in the brand new Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. While the overall list of new Pokemon is comparatively small to the total number of Pokemon in existence, an abundance of new and returning Legendaries have been added into the game. These special Pokemon are meant to be rare, and are all difficult — but not impossible — to get your hands on. If you’re curious about which new Legendaries have been added, here’s a list of every new Legendary Pokemon in Crown Tundra.

Every New Legendary Pokemon In Crown Tundra

A very exciting announcement made alongside the reveal of the Crown Tundra DLC was the fact that, in addition to several new Legendary Pokemon, every single Legendary from previous titles would be returning to the game. Not only is that list overwhelming, it almost overshadows the brand new Legendaries yet to be seen. Here are all the Legendaries you need to hunt down, including their evolutions.

Every New Legendary Pokemon In Crown Tundra

  1. Calyrex
  2. Glastrier
  3. Spectrier
  4. Regirock
  5. Regice
  6. Registeel
  7. Regieleki
  8. Regidrago
  9. Galarian Articuno
  10. Galarian Zapdos
  11. Galarian Moltres
  12. Articuno
  13. Zapdos
  14. Moltres
  15. Cobalion
  16. Virizion
  17. Terrakion
  18. Keldeo
  19. Cosmog
  20. Zygarde
  21. Xerneas
  22. Yveltal
  23. Suicune
  24. Raikou
  25. Entei
  26. Tornadus
  27. Landorus
  28. Thundurus
  29. Groudon
  30. Kyogre
  31. Rayquaza
  32. Solgaleo
  33. Lunala
  34. Tapu Koko
  35. Tapu Bulu
  36. Tapu Fini
  37. Tapu Lele
  38. Lugia
  39. Ho-Oh
  40. Mewtwo
  41. Latias
  42. Latios
  43. Heatran
  44. Kyurem
  45. Reshiram
  46. Zekrom
  47. Cresselia
  48. Dialga
  49. Palkia
  50. Uxie
  51. Mesprit
  52. Azelf
  53. Giratina
  54. Necrozma

The way to encounter these new Legendaries will vary. Some will be obtainable just by following the Legendary Clue quest line given to you by Peony. This will lead you to Pokemon such as Calyrex and its two Legendary steeds Glastrier and Spectrier, as well as Regieleki and Regidrago in the second leg of the quest.

The Galarian versions of the three original Legendary birds, while also being first encountered via Peony’s quest, are quite different in how you need to find and catch them. Check out our guides on how to catch the new forms of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Finally, the remaining ones all have unique requirements, such as tracking footprints, speaking to the right NPC after certain story missions, or as secret encounters in the Max Lair. The latter is where you will find most of the returning Legendaries, like the Legendary Dogs, the original forms of the Legendary Birds, and so on.

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