Lost Ark: 9 Reasons To Start Making Alts After Vern’s Main Story

Without a doubt, there is a lot of content in Lost Ark. You could even argue there’s too much for just one character. Well then, it’s a great thing that playing a variety of classes is not only fun, feasible, and easy to do but it’s also encouraged due to how alt-friendly the game is.

Unlike many other MMOs, alts are quintessential to Lost Ark (more so if you want to resist the urge to buy stuff with real money). They are not merely a way to offer new perspectives of the same content but are also very effective at helping you grind out the great deal of different resources required to progress into tier three endgame. The main reason for this is due to the many systems that have shared progress across your roster, making it remarkably beneficial to create alts in order to gear and collect even faster.

9 Use The Powerpass

First thing’s first: upon finishing the main story quests in North Vern, you get your first Powerpass, making the leveling up of your first alt easy and convenient. Better yet, once you use that Powerpass, you immediately get your second one sent to you.

Both of these items are sent through in-game mail, and we have a nice article on the Powerpass, which goes into more depth. Granted, you could always make alts prior to this, it would just take much longer to level them up to 50.

8 Reserve Your Name

A relatively simple, yet often overlooked reason to create an alt (without even beginning the leveling process) is to reserve your name.

As time goes on, the likelihood of you getting the name you want for your new characters only goes down (the popularity of Lost Ark adding to this decreasing likelihood). That means you’ll either have to find a whole new name that you’ll likely resonate less with, or add a bunch of repeat or new letters to the one you want, so head on over to that character creation screen ASAP!

7 Spice Up Your Playstyle

Alts are an integral part of MMOs, since they create variety, especially for when either content starts drying up, or when you start getting tired of (or just need a break from) the playstyle of your main.

On an even more practical note, learning the spells and mechanics of different classes will add to your overall game knowledge, enabling you, for example, to give advice about classes that aren’t your main more freely. In any case, the combat of this game is fluid, flashy, and fun, and experiencing this through multiple avenues can be refreshing and rewarding.

6 Easier To Fit Into Groups

Lost Ark isn’t subjected to the “holy trinity” of dps, healer, tank like many other MMOs are, therefore making all the classes viable in endgame. But, some parties (both private and public lobbies) may still prefer certain classes over others to fill their last spot or two.

This rings true for content of all tiers, so having alts to better match what a certain group wants is always a plus.

5 Class-locked Costumes

From a more cosmetic standpoint, there are a great deal of costumes for you to buy in the in-game shop (some are available for blue crystals, which can be earned in the game, and some for royal crystals). That said, some of these costumes are class-specific.

So, if you’ve got the blue crystals to spare or the gold to convert into them, or if you’ve got the real-life money to spend on royal crystals, checking out some of these class-bound costumes is worth your time.

4 Una’s Tasks

Una’s tasks are a big-to-do when it comes to the daily grind in Lost Ark, as each character can only do three of these (daily) quests a day. Making alts to get more of Una’s Tasks done is exceptionally useful, especially considering the fact that some of these need to be done upwards of five times in order to unlock quest-chains that ultimately reward island souls (i.e. the “Totopia Tutor for a Day” quest).

Bear in mind that some of Una’s daily tasks do not grant reputation more than once a day, even if you complete the quest on multiple characters. A better way to approach this would be to designate these types of rep-capped dailies to a specific character. That way, you can be progressing more of them at the same time.

3 Farm Honing Materials

Gear honing can be excruciatingly punishing as the chances of success go down as your item level goes up, and that means you’re going to need more mats. A lot more.

With alts, you can run more daily and weekly content to gain more mats to funnel into your main (or even an alt you’d rather gear first). This content includes, but is not limited to, Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, and Chaos Dungeons. This will be extremely helpful, more so the further into endgame content you get, because the grind only becomes more demanding from there.

2 Adventurer’s Tome

The Adventurer's Tome is a crucial element of the game, and while a sizable portion of the items within it can be obtained simply by going to a location and clicking on the vista or hidden story, or running through the dungeon, there are also plenty of things that require patience and luck, namely the “collectible” tab at the top center.

In this case, you need to farm out certain items with varying percent drop rates, so having an alt stationed on a continent whose Adventurer's Tome tab you want to complete is super handy (this is even more relevant if you don’t have multiple bifrost points to utilize). That way, you won’t have to waste time and silver and ship durability going back and forth while trying to do other content on your main. The same goes for Rapports: having an alt sitting in front of one while you farm gifts on your main works wonders in saving traveling silver.

1 Better Looking Character Selection Screen

Let’s be real. This is the greatest flex of them all. Need any more be said?

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