Lost Ark: All Arthetine Vista Locations

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  • Clockwork Square – Totrich Vista Location
  • Junkyard – Windbringer Hills Vista
  • Lab – Nebelhorn Vista Location
  • Panorama Of The City – Origins Of Stern Vista
  • Port – Arid Path Vista Location
  • Valley And The Robot Wastes – Scraplands Vista
  • Whirlpool Observatory – Riza Falls Vista Location

Arthetine, the seventh continent of Lost Ark, has a real steampunk edge. This is reflected in the amazing vista locations you can collect for your Adventurer’s Tome. The vistas here are well spread out, with one in each of the seven main areas of the continent. They’re all relatively easy to find if you’re hunting them down.

Each vista location you visit increases the percentage completion of your Arthetine Adventurer’s Tome. Each time you reach a ten percent increment, you can claim a reward. They’re worth doing, too, with benefits including Morlo’s Guild Invitation – a stronghold merchant with access to some unique ship crew.

Clockwork Square – Totrich Vista Location

Go north from the Clockwork Square Triport in Totrich. At the square, turn right and walk past the Gebisen Antique Shop. Just before you leave town, look for a ladder going up the side of an orange wall on the north side of the path. Climb it, and you’ll find the Clockwork Square vista at the top.

Junkyard – Windbringer Hills Vista

Make your way to the Junkyard Triport in Windbringer Hills. Leave the platform by the northeast ramp, and keep to the left of the area you arrive in. You’ll see an elevator on your left: take it up. At the top, cross across the path and take the next elevator up, too. At the top you’ll find the Junkyard vista spot.

Lab – Nebelhorn Vista Location

This vista is pretty much equidistant between the portal into Nebelhorn from Scraplands and the Nebelhorn Lab Triport. Either way, you need to head to Twilight Hill, which is marked on your map. Once in the area, head up the steps, then down the long ornate dead-end path heading northwest. At its end, you’ll discover the Lab vista location.

Panorama Of The City – Origins Of Stern Vista

Portal into Origins of Stern from the Arid Path zone. You’ll find yourself in the centre of a gangway facing northeast, with two guards in front of you. Before moving a muscle, look right (southeast). There you’ll see the Panorama of the City vista location.

Port – Arid Path Vista Location

Teleport to Arid Path’s Lupen Port Triport. Head northwest up a few steps, then follow the path southwest past the train platforms until you see some more steps, this time leading down and northwest. Follow this path all the way to the end, until it turns left by a load of crates. Just beyond these crates you’ll find the Port vista location.

Valley And The Robot Wastes – Scraplands Vista

Go to Scraplands’ Guard Post Triport. Just to the northeast you’ll find the Hoverboard Testing Site. Go inside and follow the main path heading northwest right to the end, where you’ll see a climbable ladder. At the top of the ladder, you’ll find the Valley and the Robot Wastes vista location.

Whirlpool Observatory – Riza Falls Vista Location

You’re going to have to do a bit of work to discover this one. Firstly, you need to complete the Sandy Path quest, which starts with NPC Mercenary Recker in Riza Fall. He’s at the end of a dead-end path just south of the Whirlpool Observatory Triport. Once done, you’ll have access to the Sand Vortex Network across Riza Falls. These are a group of random teleporters that take you all over the map.

Use these vortex teleporters until you find yourself at a spot almost below the Whirlpool Observatory, right next to the whirlpool itself. This small rocky outlet has two vortex points – as well as the Whirlpool Observatory vista location.

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