LOTR Actor Billy Boyd Joins The Elder Scrolls Online In Newest Expansion

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is adding a whole new minigame – Tales of Tribute. It's an in-game tabletop that you can play competitively, against friends, or with NPCs as part of a unique questline. But to introduce you to its mechanics, Bethesda has hired Lord of the Rings' very own Pippin, Billy Boyd.

"Brahgas introduces the player to that new game," Boyd said. "And this character, he's a gambler, he's a talker, he likes people! How he attacks this game is how he attacks life – all in. He's just all in on everything. And it's a game within a game that you can go into a tavern and meet someone you don't know and play this new card game together – it's brilliant.

"I see life as a team game, I think Brahgas does as well," Boyd continued. "I think he likes to see other people succeed, other people being happy. I think a night in the pub with Brahgas, couple of beers, a little Tales of Tribute would be fantastic. I think we'd have a great time together."

High Isle is the new chapter coming on June 6 for PC and June 21 for PlayStation and Xbox – it's all about the Bretons, taking us to one of the noble's getaway islands complete with an adjacent prison island. There, political intrigue unfolds and you are caught up in the middle of it as the Vestige always is, but you can take a note from Geralt's book and get distracted in the world of card games.

If you don't know Boyd, he's a Scottish actor who played Pippin in the beloved 2000s Lord of the Rings movies, making him a fantasy staple, but this role's a little different. He's voicing the tutorial giver, making that introduction to Tales of Tribute a uniquely memorable one, having Pippin himself (at least in spirit) walk us through the mechanics, rules, and world of Tales of Tribute.

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