Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 – How To Defeat Atlach-Nacha

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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 pulled no punches in the last major fight, and it continues to put its back into it here. Atlach-Nacha is basically a giant armoured spider spawned from the depths of humanity's nightmares. Speaking of spawn, Atlach-Nacha is not averse to the idea of surrounding you with its nightmarish babies and eating you for supper.

Atlach-Nacha is mobile, powerful, and a master of draining your resources. Poison, rapid damage, and crowd control are the name of the game here, so get ready to dodge. Atlach-Nacha is no joke, and death is always one mistake away. Let’s dive into what makes it tick.

Atlach-Nacha’s Attacks

Atlach-Nacha, unlike Wendigo, doesn’t have many attacks. That being said, its attacks are pretty darn dangerous and difficult to avoid.

JumpAtlach-Nacha jumps into the air and leaves the area for an extended duration. You can see where Atlach-Nacha is by the large shadow left behind. Upon returning to the arena, she deals a large amount of damage and Stuns you.This attack needs to be avoided otherwise you will struggle with the rest of her kit. Stay away from the shadow, and once it starts its descent, dodge.
Summon SpidersAtlach-Nacha summons a large venomous spider.This Spider can be killed quickly if you focus it down. Keep your distance as one bite and you will be inflicted with poison.
Poison SpitAtlach-Nacha fires a series of large green orbs at the player. These deal moderate damage on contact and inflict you with poison.These attacks are much harder to avoid if you are stunning. Otherwise, keep your distance and sidestep them.

Atlach-Nacha’s Mechanics

Atlach-Nacha’s ability to leave the arena is its main gimmick. Whilst in this state, you are not able to harm Atlach-Nacha. You can use this time to clear out her minions, just be careful of her return. Her descent is surprisingly quick, and the punishment for being hit by it is substantial.

Which Character To Use

Most characters can deal with this fight well enough. We found the most success with the Detective and Professor, however. The Detective has some great weapons in his arsenal, and his access to crowd-clearing bombs and a roll make him a great all-around pick for this fight.

The Professor on the other hand can use his shield to avoid most of the damage and status effects inflicted by Atlach-Nacha. More importantly, since Atlach-Nacha leaves the arena on a regular basis, you can use this downtime to deactivate your shield and restore your Energy.

Battle Strategy

This fight can take a while based on how often Atlach-Nacha uses its jump ability. She only has one phase, however, so the plan is the same from start to finish. You want to prioritise her minions to prevent any chance of a dogpile. Her spiders are summoned one at a time, so you will often have to change your focus on these single targets.

When fighting Atlach-Nacha directly, you want to have some distance between you and it. Its poison spit can be a real nuisance, so falling back to the edge of your effective range to get as much reaction time as possible, is very helpful.

Rinse and repeat, and Atlach-Nacha will go down.

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