Mafia: Definitive Edition’s New Narrative Trailer Welcomes You To The Family

We’re a little under a month away from Mafia: Definitive Edition’s late September release. The overhaul of 2002’s cult classic is shaping up to be a compelling, grounded slice of ’20s mafia pulp, and a solid follow-up to 2016’s underrated Mafia 3. And if this latest narrative trailer is anything to go off of, players can look forward to an enthralling deep dive into the seedy underbelly of the Casa Nostra life in its riveting campaign. Here’s the trailer in question, shown off during Gamescom 2020:

The game will follow Tommy, a cabby who can’t seem to catch a break in the throes of the Great Depression. But after saving the bacon of two mafiosos during a chaotic shootout, he gets dragged into the criminal underworld in order to make a little scratch. This initial desire for a decent living is the catalyst for Tommy’s rise to criminal greatness, as the game takes players through his rags to illicit riches story.

The Mafia franchise’s biggest strength has always been in its narrative, so 2K leading with a trailer focused solely on the game’s story is a smart move. Based on my time with the game so far, Definitive Edition succeeds the most when it’s leaning into its cinematic influences, and when it lets its writing do the heavy lifting. This latest trailer gives me a lot of hope for the finished game, and has me waiting with bated breath to experience the rest of the whole package.

A full on remake of the original Mafia, Mafia: Definitive Edition features an updated script filled with new dialogue, expanded backstories, and additional cutscenes. On top of that, there’s all-new gameplay sequences, an orchestral score, and all the graphics – just all of them, all over your screen and on your face and in your eyeballs.

Mafia: Definitive Edition launches on September 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Or you can buy Mafia Trilogy, which includes this game and the Definitive Editions of Mafia 2 and Mafia 3.

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