Majin Buu Confirmed As A Playable Breaker In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Open Beta Coming September 21

Surprising literally no one, Bandai Namco has announced what seems to be the final Breaker for Dragon Ball: The Breaker's launch – Majin Buu. In actually surprising news, it also revealed a new survivor – the Farmer, a class based on Dragon Ball's iconic unnamed farmer with a shotgun.

Considering both Frieza and Cell have previously been revealed as Breakers, it's no surprise that Majin Buu is also coming to the game, but at least he seems to have some unique mechanics. We see in the gameplay footage that he starts as Majin Buu, before Evil Buu appears and turns him into Super Buu.

Players can then be absorbed by Super Buu, which will allow them to go inside of him and free Majin Buu and other survivors from inside his stomach, turning him into Kid Buu but seemingly giving any absorbed players a second chance at defeating him. Of course, Kid Buu is his strongest form, so don't expect it to be made easy for you.

Arguably more exciting than Majin Buu being added to the game is the new survivor class – the Farmer. Diehard Dragon Ball fans will remember the farmer appearing throughout the series, but his most notable appearance was at the start of the Saiyan Saga where he checked out Raditz's pod and then immediately got taken out. Perfect material for a survivor class, then.

The footage of the Farmer in action mostly just shows him running away, but it appears as if he can also farm items. We can also expect him to use that shotgun he's always carrying, although we don't actually get to see it in the gameplay footage here. It's not clear if the Farmer will be able to use the special abilities that the rest of the classes have, but it seems likely.

For those interested in giving Dragon Ball: The Breakers a try, Bandai Namco also announced that an open beta will take place on September 21 and September 22 across all of the game's release platforms.

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