Mario Kart Tour’s New Tour Is All About Mario, Luigi, & Their Roots

Mario Kart Tour‘s new tour celebrates the two men we have to thank for the game and all other Mario games for that matter, Mario and Luigi.

Mario Kart has been around for so long and enjoyed so much success that we sometimes forget it is actually a spinoff series. The franchise might be closing in on its 30th anniversary and debuted on the SNES, but it wouldn’t exist if there had not been regular old Mario games for the decade leading up to its release.

All those years later and, for the first time in its history, Mario Kart ventured off of the Nintendo last year. Mario Kart Tour was released on mobile and despite some initial backlash towards its gacha-based system, it has enjoyed a lot of success. Nintendo switches up the tour every two weeks and this time around, the game is returning to the franchise’s roots.

The current tour, which started late on Tuesday night, has been dubbed the Mario Bros. Tour. Mario and Luigi are the two plumbers who started it all. Classic versions of both brothers have been added to the game as playable characters, as can be seen in the launch trailer below. You might have to look closely to see the differences though, as at first glance, they appear to be nothing more than faded versions of Mario and Luigi.

A new track has landed in-game, though. We say new, but it’s actually one of the oldest tracks in Mario Kart history: the Mario Circuit. It has been tweaked for the sake of Tour, though. In addition to that, new karts and gliders have joined the tour, our favorite of which is an 8-bit Mario glider we intend to use from now until the end of time.

As stated above, the Mario Bros. Tour is live now and if it follows the pattern of every other tour so far, which we suspect it will, it will come to an end at 9:59 PM PST on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. At that point, the tour will be replaced with a brand new one and since there are no major holidays in sight, it might be a tour centered around a new city.

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