Mass Effect Comes To Minecraft, Here's What's In The DLC Pack

A Mass Effect mash-up pack is coming to Minecraft. Players can take control of 36 unique skins, including iconic Mass Effect characters like Commander Shepard, Liara, Illusive Man, and Garrus. The pack also contains unique locations like the Mars Base Camp, custom-made game textures, Mass Effect-themed menus, and a Mass Effect 3 soundtrack compilation. It’s available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Longtime Minecraft fans may know that this isn’t the first time a Mass Effect pack has made its appearance in the game. The discontinued legacy console edition received a similar pack back in 2014, but the Bedrock edition has not received it until now. Time will only tell if Minecraft will continue to release past packs from legacy console editions.

Minecraft also recently went through a big update on February 14 called the “Nether Update.” New crafting materials like an ore called Ancient Debris, wood materials, soul soil, and more blocks were added. Additionally, three new biomes–Crimson Forest, Soulsand Valley, and the Warped Forest–opened up for exploration and provide Netherite and new types of vegetation for players.

At the 2020 Toy Fair, new Minecraft figures by Mattel were also revealed, including a Redstone Monstrosity with spring-loaded arms from Minecraft Dungeons. Boost Minis from Minecraft Earth also will be for sale, and they can be scanned for in-game perks. Check out GameSpot’s full coverage of Mattel’s Minecraft toys.

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