Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 10 Most Heartwarming Moments From The Trilogy, Ranked

The Mass Effect series is filled with some of the most iconic moments in all of gaming, for better or worse. Since the series is partially built upon Commander Shepard’s relationship with his companions, it only makes sense that while there are plenty of sad moments, there are also plenty of heartwarming moments.

There were so many heartwarming moments for some characters that an entire list could have been dedicated purely to the incredibly unique aliens found within the games. Of course, the third entry also boasts one of the best DLCs of all time, adding a ton of heartwarming moments and acting as a kind of final send-off for fans of the trilogy.

10/10 Hanging Up On The Council

The first Mass Effect game is a mostly-serious affair with a great story, but there are a few key moments of hilarity. One of the best moments is one that a lot of people probably missed out on, thanks to just how intriguing the world is.

Those who played renegade may have discovered they could hang up on the council during the calls, something that leads to some funny interactions when you talk to them again and again. Hanging up when they ask if you’re going to do so is such a small thing, but it’s a spot of sheer joy.

9/10 Tali Tries To Kill Legion

Another moment that a lot of players may not have experienced is what happens in Mass Effect 2 if players recruit Legion before they recruit the much-beloved, Tali. If you bring Legion, Tali will immediately attempt to destroy the Geth before the situation is explained.

Legion hilariously cowers and “requests assistance” from Shepard-Commander as Tali continues to take shots at it. It’s a great moment that shows off a lot of personality from Legion and one that is far too easy to miss out on. The entire mission is actually hilarious, especially when you bump into Kal’Reeger.

8/10 Blasto

Everything about Blasto has become such a meme in the Mass Effect community that there are calls for Blasto to be the main character of the next game in the series. It’s a hilarious but small part of the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3 that fans absolutely love for its warm tone.

Javik initiates it, bringing you to a movie set to experience everything Blasto has to offer. It’s best experienced firsthand, but every time Blasto refers to himself as “this one,” the situation only gets funnier and more ridiculous.

7/10 Wrex’s Friend

A lot of people were a bit disappointed that they couldn’t have Wrex in their squad for Mass Effect 2, but luckily they got a great replacement in Grunt. When you make the trip to Tuchanka, as long as Wrex survived the first Mass Effect, you’ll be treated to a warm scene.

It’s an underrated moment, but seeing the brutal Krogan push by others to reach Shepard and shake their hand is great. It’s all the better that he immediately calls Shepard his friend, making more of a surprising little heartwarming moment.

6/10 Shooting With Garrus

Whether male or female Shepard, the scene where you shoot bottles with Garrus is an excellent one. Ignoring potential romance, the scene plays out even better as a kind of final hurrah between two old friends who want to break the rules one last time, and fans love Garrus because of it.

The scene is filled with bits of humor, reminiscing, and kind words between two pals. It’s something that Mass Effect fans had been hoping for since the original game, and it didn’t disappoint anyone when they headed up to that citadel roof.

5/10 Mordin Sings

When you first met Mordin, you probably weren’t expecting the wonderful Salarian scientist to have a bit of a musical theatre background. The fact that some players may have no clue what that means is a testament to how incredible the series is.

In a bit of optional dialogue, Shepard can ask Mordin about his history, something that includes a brief bit of gleeful singing. It’s somehow unexpected and the exact thing you’d expect from someone like Mordin at the same time. The moment only gets more precious for those who experienced the events on Tuchanka in the third game.

4/10 Joker’s Tale

In another fantastic moment from the Mass Effect 3 DLC, Joker attempts to get comped for some drinks by telling an elaborate story to the bartender. It could have been a goofy flashback story with regular voice acting, but Seth Green puts on his best goofy voices to tell the story.

Those who don’t lose their minds when they hear “it’s jokin’ time” need to go back and experience the scene again. Of course, the story doesn’t end up working for Joker, but Shepard can step in to have his pilot’s back if you’re feeling pretty paragon.

3/10 The Final Conversation With Garrus

In the final moments of Mass Effect 3, you have the chance to say goodbye to all of your teammates before the final push, and most people name Garrus’ goodbye as their favorite for good reason. It’s a bittersweet moment leaving people with their hearts warmed and broken at the same time.

Hearing Garrus speak about what he and Shepard will do after their victory in the face of certain death is tear-inducing. When the two friends agree to link up in the afterlife, should they fail, it’s hard not to be moved in the best and worst way possible.

2/10 Liara’s Final Gift

While the debate about which companion makes for the best Shepard romance has been an ongoing debate for over a decade at this point, many love Liara. It’s not hard to see why, and some of the moments she spends with Shepard are among the most tender in the series.

One specific moment is when she offers a final gift to Shepard. Whether as a romance or as friends, it’s another moment that crushes and melts hearts. The two stand in space and spend a final moment together in a beautifully endless expanse before they take on The Reapers for what may be the last time.

1/10 The Party

A list like this could never end any other way. There are many who declare the party in the Mass Effect 3 DLC to be the true ending to the game, acting as a final send-off for all the characters. The entire thing is a mess from start to finish, but it’s filled with tons of great little moments.

Dialogue can change quite a bit depending on who is present and who you are romancing, making it one of the most infinitely replayable parts of any game. To cap the whole thing off, you get a picture of your Shepard with their crew before they greet the morning, happy knowing they lived one last time before their final battle.

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