Mass Effect Trilogy: The 10 Best Urdnot Wrex Quotes In The Series

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition released to the extreme delights of fans of the sci-fi trilogy where players take control of Commander Shepard. This collection is a remastered version of all three games and includes all of the bonus features and downloadable content. All of the memorable squad mates are there to capture new hearts and recaptivate old fans.

Urdnot Wrex is one of two krogan squad members players befriend and was a key member in Mass Effect 1. The walking tank might be ornery with a penchant for shooting first and never asking questions. But he’s responsible for his fair share of insightful comments and hilarious one-liners.

10 You Sound Like You Yearn For Those Times Wrex

Despite Wrex growing and becoming more complex throughout the trilogy, that krogan will always love himself some avoidable bloodshed. He doesn’t shy away from expressing his desire to always be a step away from death.

When Shepard can convince a criminal to go into custody peacefully Wrex says “In the old days we would have just shot her. Good times.” This is interesting considered not all players handled situations in the manner Wrex recalls and it may just be the way he wishes to remember his glory days with Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 1.

9 He Probably Could Have Been A Criminal

Fist is introduced in Mass Effect 1 as a local crimelord who has no respect or concern for life and is consumed by greed. Though Wrex doesn’t initially come across as a crazy criminal, some of his dialogue makes it seem like a wrong decision or two could have led him down that path.

Despite hating Fist, it seems he respected his hustle which is evident by Wrex’s line, “Fist had a good thing going here. Too bad he got greedy.” This shows that he understood what Fist was in control of, and if it was him on the throne he likely wouldn’t have made the same mistakes.

8 The Hero We Need Right Now

Throughout the trilogy, Wrex sees a tremendous character arc that morphs the once stubborn mercenary into a true leader for the krogan race. He begins to understand that he may be the best thing for his people and to see the change he wants, he must be the catalyst.

He knows his people love a fight, so it’s pretty fitting when he commands “Now hold your heads high like real krogan! There’s a Reaper that needs killing!” No race is better at war and violence than his people and he must lead them into certain victory or respectable defeat.

7 “Uncle Urdnot”

The next quote on this list is a combat quip Wrex will spout in the middle of firefights with enemies. Him shouting “Uncle Urdnot has a present for you!” is terrifying in his cadence as it comes from a large walking mini-van who hits like a mack truck.

He loves the heat of battle, as most krogans do, and the mental warfare he expresses only adds to the giddiness he feels when he has the opportunity to unleash carnage. Violence is as normal to krogans as smiling is to humans and is a part of their culture they hold near and dear to their hearts.

6 The Genophage Devastated Him

The Genophage is an important part of Mass Effect lore and the timeline of events that led humans to where they are at the start of the first game. An entire alien race that helped eliminate a rampant, invasive race (the rachni) got sterilized. This is akin to genocide and every part of the Milky Way galaxy (turians, salarians, and asari) all played a part in it.

As the games unfold, Commander Shepard plays a significant part in what happens with the Genophage cure. During those events (if he’s alive), Wrex says “A long time ago, my father betrayed me in this place. His own son. He tried to kill me…so I had to kill him, right over there. That’s what the genophage reduced us to; animals. But you changed that today, Shepard.” Not only does this indicate Wrex’s respect for Shepard, but how deeply the Genophage affected him and his people.

5 Ah, The Benefits Of A Redundant Nervous System


Tuchanka was a harsh world before the krogans plunged it into nuclear winter and, now, heat storms and droughts. But the krogan physiology is remarkably resilient and quick to adapt. To keep up with their difficult environment, krogan bodies have multiple major organs that can be used in case the other fails.

In ME2, Wrex thought Shepard had died and commented on the situation thanking “redundant organ systems” for saving Shepard after being spaced. Of course, humans don’t have that and Shepard says as much. Wrex then responds “Oh. It must have been painful, then.” Thanks Wrex.

4 He’s Not Wrong…Kinda

In Mass Effect 1, the reason Urdnot Wrex initially joins Commander Shepard is due to a common interest in taking down a crimelord known as Fist. Upon entering his domain, the player comes across two inventory workers who can be coerced into leaving without a firefight.

Since Wrex welcomes violence, he’ll state to the player “It would’ve been quicker to kill them” upon seeing the two workers walk off. This quote helps explain and clarify the type of conflict resolution Wrex and many other battle-tested krogan warriors abide by.

3 Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

The krogan race is not known for coddling or even kindness really. In fact, they can be pretty vengeful as we see with Urdnot Wreav. Krogans are, however, extremely loyal and thankful to anyone who shows them respect and loyalty wholeheartedly. After spending countless hours with Commander Shepard, Wrex lets them know about his appreciation.

Wrex’s exact quote is “I want you to know that no matter what happens, you’ve been a champion to the krogan people, a friend of Clan Urdnot, and a brother/sister to me! To every krogan born after this day, the name Shepard will mean ‘hero’! Now let’s show them why!”

2 He Experiences Racism For Being A Krogan

C-Sec is full of well-meaning operatives but is also home to a fair amount of corruption. Wrex lets Commander Shepard know in Mass Effect 1 that every time he visits the Citadel, he’s brought in and interrogated by them. Wrex is a tough individual who appreciates the truth and hates being lied to or left out on details. The treatment he gets at C-Sec insults him on multiple fronts.

Wrex stating “Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining” is his way of reaffirming to Shepard that C-Sec agents can be dirty. This doesn’t even get into the prejudices krogan face in the galaxy at-large. Given this, Wrex doesn’t need an explanation as to why a C-Sec agent wouldn’t be living up to the standards expected of them.

1 Even Reapers Can’t Stop Wrex

Since the very first moment players meet Urdnot Wrex in Mass Effect 1, it’s pretty clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Despite having a complicated relationship with both his family and the krogan race, he wants to protect his people at the end of the day.

The Genophage did a number on Wrex’s psychological state and he fears for the future of his people. When he says “I am Urdnot Wrex and this is MY planet!” shortly before charging Reaper troops, it’s clear that he’s willing to put it all on the line to protect the krogan race.

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