Microsoft Adds Twitter Direct Sharing Back To Xbox Through Insider Beta

Looks like Xbox users will keep their ability to share gaming screenshots and videos directly to Twitter. Less than a month after the feature was removed, Microsoft has reversed that decision. While the removal of the feature didn’t make it beyond the Xbox Insider Program, there was enough outcry from Insider testers for the feature to remain.

A few weeks ago, Xbox Insiders noticed that the ability to share clips from the console straight to Twitter had been silently removed. Instead, Microsoft began nudging users towards its Xbox app by adding several social media sites to its “mobile sharing” option. As news of the removal spread, Microsoft remained silent on why the feature received the ax.

Luckily, the feature’s removal did not make it past the beta phase. The feature remained within the live build of the Xbox dashboard. However, Insider testers made their disdain for the change heard, and rightfully so. The new method for uploading screenshots and videos added the unnecessary step of uploading clips to mobile phones through the Xbox app. A silly thing to do when the previous method was much more streamlined and a lot easier.

Microsoft has listened to the complaints as direct to Twitter uploads will remain on Xbox consoles. News of the feature's return came through Xbox Insider program lead Brad Rosetti. Rosetti took to Twitter to let users know the good news: “Thanks for your feedback on the Twitter share feature change we flighted in 2204 – that change is being reverted to the previous behavior from today in this new build”.

Funnily enough, Sony has also made headlines for altering the way it allows users to upload videos and screengrabs. However, it is almost the exact opposite of the Xbox situation. Earlier this week, Sony released the ability to auto-upload screenshots and video captures from console to mobile app in the UK. This eliminates the clunky and tedious method of uploading through social media or USB that PlayStation users have lamented for years. While the feature is only available in the US and UK, it is likely to spread in the coming months.

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