Microsoft shares a glimpse of the new Xbox Series X interface

Microsoft is having a busy week with Xbox Series X reveals. After showcasing a near-final build of the physical hardware at the Xperion E-arena in Germany yesterday, the company revealed what the new user interface will look like today and it’s certainly an update. As is common with every new console, a different GUI is in place to help navigate players to the content they are looking for and Microsoft seems to have better nailed the gaming aspect of its gaming device.

In a detailed breakdown over on the official Microsoft website, users have been greeted with screencaps and a description of what the Xbox Series X will run like. If you’re a fan of this new GUI but aren’t yet sold on the Series X, fear not! The new interface will also be heading to Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass on PC (a secondary app for downloading games).

As for the biggest differences, gaming is being put front and center this time. During the late Xbox 360 era, Microsoft attempted to shift towards a media-centric design and it ended up shifting gaming to the background. This carried over to the initial Xbox One dashboard but has slowly been brought back to the forefront with revisions over the years. For Series X, Microsoft will not be repeating past mistakes.

Another solid win is that this interface will be present on all Xbox devices in the future. This means you won’t have to learn a new GUI when using xCloud on your Android device or when trying to navigate the games store on PC. This uniformity is something Microsoft has been striving for since the Windows 8 days, so it’s nice to see it finally be achieved.

Microsoft also mentions how the new dashboard will be faster, overall, than previous incarnations. With Series X set to have the unique ability to suspend multiple games at the same time, this additional speed means you can get in and out of specific apps with less downtime in between.

There’s maybe too many idiosyncracies to list in this post, but you can see the full list of changes over on Microsoft’s website. Personally, I think it looks much better than the Xbox One dashboard, so that’s a win.

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