Mighty Doom Is A Free To Play Mobile Game Based On Bethesda’s Popular Franchise

Doom fans might not have to wait too long before they can rip and tear again. You’d assume that it would be a while before we heard about a new Doom game after the release of Doom Eternal’s The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC; however that’s not the case.

Mighty Doom is a mobile spin-off based on the iconic franchise, developed by Alpha Dog. The mobile gaming studio was acquired by Bethesda Softworks in 2019. Alpha Dog has previously worked on mobile titles like Wraithborne and MonstroCity: Rampage.

The game features top-down shooting action, where a tiny Doom Slayer takes on demons while avoiding traps and enemy fire to make it across what looks like room-based levels. The Slayer and the demons look almost chibi-like, which makes it funnier when you perform Glory Kills executions on your prey. Additionally, it looks like you will gain abilities like glory kill splash damage, attack speed boost, and diagonal shot via a randomized card-based system.

As per the trailer, you’ll face off against enemies like Imps, Cacodemons, Gargoyles, Corrupted Soldiers, and Arachnotrons using weapons that look similar to the Doom Slayer’s arsenal from the mainline games. The trailer also shows a boss battle against a Cyber Mancubus, which you can finish off via a glory kill.

The trailer says that the game is out now, however according to a report by Windows Central, “Mighty Doom isn’t a new mobile game—it has actually been listed on the Google Play Store on Android for many months now. The listing is just very hard to find, since Mighty Doom doesn’t show up through the Google Play Store search and doesn’t allow most people to install or play the game. Bethesda and Alpha Dog haven’t announced an expansion of its early access program, or even really acknowledged the game’s existence recently.”

If this has spurred you to revisit Doom Eternal, Nintendo is currently offering Bethesda games at up to 50 percent off as part of a Spring Sale. This will be the first time since its release that Doom Eternal has gone on sale. You can pick up the Nintendo Switch version for $29.99.

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