Minecraft Gets Four-Day Dance Festival Electric Blockaloo Starring Diplo

Fortnite has held several virtual concerts inside its battle royale mode over the last few months as players stay sheltered at home, and Minecraft is getting in on the fun as well with a massive dance music festival. Electric Blockaloo is a four-day event that will feature some of the biggest stars of the electronic dance music genre, including Diplo and A-Trak.

Running from June 25 through June 28, the Electric Blockaloo festival will be available across both the Bedrock version of Minecraft and the older Java version, meaning you can enjoy it regardless of system. Attendance is open to all 112 million active players, and those who don’t play the game will also be able to view the concert on separate livestreamed feeds from the official website.

Artists can sell tickets through their own links sent directly to fans, and there will be a 60/40 revenue split. More than 300 different artists are going to play over the course of the festival, and the play area itself includes a recreation of Dunder Mifflin’s building from The Office and The Gorge venue. There will be games available to play as well as prizes and Easter eggs.

In other Minecraft news, the new spinoff game Minecraft Dungeons is scheduled to release for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on May 26. It features Diablo-like dungeon-crawling gameplay rather than building and scavenging, but maintains the series signature aesthetic.

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