Modern Warfare 2 Might Be Adding Rust As Fans Spot It In Santa Seña

Rust is one of Call of Duty's most iconic maps, up there with Terminal, Hijacked, Highrise, and Nuketown, even making a return in the Modern Warfare reboot. And it looks like its sequel will feature the fan-favourite location once again, as it has been spotted in the 32v32 version of Santa Seña.

As reported by PCGamesN, the map was found by Reddit user nonvizo who shared it on the internet, taking a snap of their TV with the iconic middle setpiece clearly visible. If you played the original Modern Warfare 2, this was the centrepiece for king of the hill games and sniper trick shots, giving the map its '1v1 me' reputation.

However, it looks significantly less rusty, so maybe Activision finally got around to cleaning it up in time for its next release. Commenters think this map will return for 6v6 modes, given its smaller size, but it's not the only map on the tips of players' tongues. Earlier this year, in September, Terminal and Highrise were rumoured to be making their own returns, with theories that Modern Warfare 2 will be pulling all the old maps back from its original namesake.

We've already seen trickles of this in Warzone 2 with points of interest like the airport and Sai'id City which draw from Terminal and High Rise. Others have even visited the Rust map in Modern Warfare 2 to record some clearer clips, climbing their way to the top of the chute just as we did all those years ago. Or three years ago, if you played the Modern Warfare (2019) version.

Maybe we'll be able to jump into some private no-scope sessions again soon enough to grab all those sweet MLG clips.

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