Monster Hunter Rise: 10 Tips To Master The Wirebug Mechanic

After a long arduous period of waiting Monster Hunter Rise is finally here. Capcom’s latest installment in one of its most popular franchises features the player living in a Ninja village where they do, well exactly as the name says. However, it’s not that cut and dry because every big bad monster has its gimmicks and some of them hit so hard they can put you out in one shot.

Something introduced in Rise is a mechanic called Wirebugs, insects that allow the player to do a variety of things from simple climbing to actually mounting and controlling monsters. Wirebugs are involved in a big part of the game and while a bit tricky to get used to, it’s a really straightforward universal technique once you get in the groove of it. Here are our tips for mastering it.

10 Play With The Controls

Before actually jumping into the serious parts of the game, players should take at least an hour or two to play with the Wirebugs because there is a ton that can be done with it, even hanging in the air, a move that can be executed by pressing A while airborne.

There’s not a need to rush because the game is about enjoying the challenge of the hunts, rather than following a story. That’s just the theme of the franchise and frankly what makes it amazing. Develop the muscle memory for the controls so that when there’s a big boss monster charging at you, you won’t get stage fright.

9 Use It On Cliffs

Something less creepy-crawly also introduced in Rise is the Palamute, who is the hunting dog that will be aiding you in battles. Adorable, friendly, and loyal to the T, these pups can climb up cliffs, but they can’t climb all of them.

That’s where the Wirebug comes in handy. Use them on those hills that are just a bit too much for the Palamutes paw pads.

8 Play The Mechanic Tutorial More Than Once

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with practicing wyvern riding in the tutorial sections several times to get comfortable with it if need be. If anything it’s a way to learn in a more controlled setting than on actual hunts.

The training monsters don’t do nearly as much damage as boss monsters do, so the pressure of dying is much less heavy. Plus you’re not fighting with the goal in mind to do a hunt, you’re there to learn.

7 Remember That Wirebugs Aren’t A One-Stop Shop

Upon starting Rise, it becomes clear quickly that some of the controls are far from being a one size fits all deal. For example, when mounting a monster, you have to press the R button to move instead of pressing a joystick forward.

In regards to Wirebugs, the use of them in movement and the use of them as a weapon is actually a little different, and it’s important to remember that in order to avoid confusion. Always try to remember that if you want to use it as a battle tactic, as in mounting, you have to have your weapon unsheathed (done by pressing Y) or you’ll just keep moving around.

6 Use Them At The Right Time

Wirebugs are handy in most fights, but in those actual fights, there’s a time and place for when to use and not use them.

At first, being a normal-sized human against a big monster can seem pretty intimidating and you will be tempted to use the Wirebug to move out of the way all the time but there’s another way to look at it here. Sure you’re the tiny wimpy human, but because of that, you have the ability to dodge out of the way much quicker than a big old clunky beast does. In other words, save your Wirebug charges for wyvern riding or emergencies.

5 Dodge When You Need To

Instead of using a Wirebug to evade a monster charging themselves at you, use it for when they suddenly spit out an elemental attack that’s tricky to avoid.

Try to pick up on patterns of the things the monsters do before they set off an attack. The player’s sprite will also send out a warning when they’re about to let off a big move.

4 Round Them Up

Some monsters will run away after they get down to a certain amount of HP or just keep attempting to flee. Certain ones also move insanely fast to the point of being difficult to hit.

To restrain them, using the Wyvern Riding feature and then jump off to get them tied down and then go to town with your weapon. You will also be able to put out traps to get the monster neutralized and can even tranquilize them in some cases.

3 Utilize Wire Dash

Most people will probably have seen a video online of a battle with a very difficult boss. We won’t use their name to avoid spoilers, but the video shows the player using the Wire Dash feature on their gimmick.

By using Wire Dash, you leave it behind, and then any monster that touches it will get damage from an explosion. Thus, it’s worth trying this on the gimmicks of other monsters. You never know what might happen.

2 Pick What Is Best For You

The weapon that you choose can really make or break an experience playing the game. If you’re not in the groove with your weapon, you won’t be in the groove with Wirebugs either.

Ignore people on the internet who call certain weapons ‘beginner friendly’ because it’s not about that, it’s about using what’s the most comfortable for your playing style. This is because that weapon works in conjunction with the Wirebugs, which is why picking the correct one is important.

1 Grab Those Extra Items

Periodically you’ll see extra Wirebugs pop up while adventuring. Don’t ignore these, as they are ones that temporarily give you an extra charge slot.

In general, try to grab as many items as you see because you never know when something can come in handy on a hunt. You’ll have moments where you’ll have to improvise in battle, so a surplus of items helps with that.

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