Monster Hunter Rise: Every Flooded Forest Relic Record

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Monster Hunter Rise presents a world full of monsters living in a world with different ecosystems, each one with different intricacies and mysteries to uncover. As you travel to the many hunting areas in the game, you will find new ways to learn about them.

A region full of rivers, vines and ruins, the Flooded Forest is the home of monsters like Jyuratodus, Royal Ludroth, and Nargacuga. If you want to know more about this humid locale, you must collect the corresponding Relic Records that expand upon the lore of this place.

Flooded Forest Relic Record Locations

Relic Record #1

The first Relic will be sitting in a stone platform right over our Main Camp. Just walk a bit forward, and as soon as you see a wall you can climb to, you will be able to get it.

Relic Record #2

This sword can be found on the branches looming over this pond, and to get it you must jump fron above, so you must climb up any of the two surrounding mounts and make a few jumps from there.

Relic Record #3

This Relic Record can be obtained by going to the south side of this ziggurat, and climbing up until you find a secret entrance to the room where the sword rests.

Relic Record #4

In the same ziggurat, you can also go to the very top to find a ruined entrance. Blow it off with a bomb of any kind, and you will find another Relic Record inside.

Relic Record #5

This Record rests inside a flower bed, and to reveal the sword, you must destroy it using your weapon.

Relic Record #6

Head to this underground cave and look at your left to find a small entrance. Crawl through the other side, and you will find the next Relic Record.

Relic Record #7

To find this Record, you must go and climb up this wall, and the sword will be hidden behind some vines.

Relic Record #8

Near the Sub Camp, you will find this Relic Record if you climb up this mount.

Relic Record #9

From where you found the first Relic Record, you must keep climbing up until you find a tunnel you can slide through. Halfway you must stop to crawl through this small entrance leading to the next sword.

Relic Record #10

By far one of the hardest Relic Records to obtain, you must go to area 12 and climb up high until you find a tunnel that will lead you to a small opening near the waterfalls. You must wirebug your way jumping from platform to platform until you can safely land on high ground above the Melynx hideout. The sword will be resting up there.


Every time you get 5 Relic Records on this location, merchant Kagero will reward you with a piece of decoration for your rooms.

  • 5 Relics Reward: Somnacanth Carving
  • 10 Relics Reward: Bishaten Carving

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