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Like many role-playing games, the Monster Hunter series incorporates a challenging grind for you to overcome as you soar through the ranks as a Hunter. Whether you’re hunting down the strongest monsters or hunting to gather the right materials, the missions in each game are designed to test your strength, capability, and overall grit. This is true for Monster Hunter Rise’s newest expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings forth these qualities and more through a new campaign and a plethora of side missions. One side quest is the “Combo Wizardry”, a mission that will require you to acquire specific items to gain some powerful items in return. Completing the quest is more than worth your time, especially if you’re focused on forging high-end armor and weapons.

Combo Wizardry Side Quest

Unlocking the “Combo Wizardry Side Quest” is a simple task. All you need to do is clear the “Anjanath Urgent Quest” and then speak to Phino the Sailor. He’ll provide you with the titular quest, asking you to bring him one Pearl Glosshide and one Jyuratodus Shard.

Obtaining these items isn’t difficult as it is challenging. You’ll need to begin a Khezu Master Hunt to obtain the Pearl Glosshide and a Jyuratodus Master Hunt to obtain the Jyuratodus Shard. It’s recommended to focus on breaking the Khezu’s leg and the Jyuratodus’ tail to guarantee their respective item dropping. However, feel free to tackle each hunt as you wish since the quest offers numerous opportunities for these items to drop and there aren't any limits to how often you can hunt these beasts.

Once you have both items, return to Phino to complete the quest and receive your rewards.

Combo Wizardry Side Quest – Rewards

There are two rewards for completing this quest. The first is a Dragonborne Artifact, which is a forging material that will help you create end-game gear. The second reward is the Dragonslayer Parasol and its upgrade. This Parasol is a Great Sword and will be forgeable under the weapon’s Smithy Tree; it deals massive Dragon elemental damage but does not have a considerable amount of white sharpness.

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