Monster Hunter Rise: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

Monster Hunter Rise, as of right now, looks like a real contender for a Game of the Year candidate. The reviews are all high on Metacritic, calling it a must-play. That shouldn’t be that surprising for fans of the last game, which also received almost universal praise.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain aspects of the game that could be better. Capcom has already promised a big update at the end of April. Hopefully they can fix some of these issues, along with adding in some new content when the time comes. In order to keep this game alive and healthy, it needs it.

Here are the biggest issues we’ve spotted so far that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

10 Allow Players To Warp To Party Members

Sub-Camps are a way to split up fast travel points on any given map in the game. Most have two but some only have one. They must also be discovered and then unlocked through a side quest.

This is all to say it can be tedious to complete all these steps just for the reward of fast travel. It would be nice if Capcom made it so that players could warp right to any other team member in multiplayer, saving a lot of time and stress.

9 Fix Photo Mode

While it is nice that Capcom put in a photo mode into the game, it does have problems. The biggest of which is the fact that it doesn’t pause the game like most other games with this feature do.

When playing with others it would make sense not to pause but not doing it in single player, when you can literally pause the game, is odd. On top of that Capcom added watermarks to photos which is such an old practice.

8 Add A Manual Sort Option For Your Inventory

Right now players can auto-sort their inventory. While this is useful, there are no options to sort things manually. Maybe there are certain items that work better next to each like traps and Tranquil Bombs. Not being able to choose where things go can be a hindrance.

Having two items right next to each other is a solid strategy in battle when trying to frantically swap through the menu. That’s why this should be fixed in the game to allow players to make their own choices.

7 Add Health Bars As An Option

This is something that has seemingly split the fan base of Monster Hunter. Some want proper health bars on monsters to make the game more accessible to newcomers, rather than just having the monsters show damage visually. The more hardcore fan base thinks that this would undermine the point of the game.

Just having it as an option for the series is the least Capcom could do. Allowing them to be turned on or off would give players the choice.

6 Add Difficulty Levels

Another aspect that both the hardcore fans and Capcom itself seem defiant about is adding in difficulty levels.

Technically there is a difficulty setting in that multiplayer is essentially the easy mode and solo play is like the hard mode. An actual easy and hard mode is long overdue for this series though. What are they afraid of?

5 Allow Multiple Highlights On The Map

One of the nice things about this game that some players may not realize is that certain aspects of the map can be highlighted. If you bring up the overview map holding the Minus button, you can scroll through things like showing where mineral deposits are or mushroom areas.

However, you cannot highlight two things at once. Being able to combo both common and rare mining areas would be great as one example.

4 The Game Needs A Glider

The Wirebugs are a nice addition to the series which allows players to literally reach new heights. However, this game is also screaming for a glider akin to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or even Genshin Impact.

Saying this, there are actually gliders in the game via the Meowcenary guild. Those are kites technically but that would also be a cool option.

3 Allow Players To Shoot As They Ride Their Palamute

The Palamutes are not only adorable but they are handy as well. Sorry Palicos, they are just more useful thanks to the riding ability. They could be even more useful though in that it would be great if Capcom allowed players to fight on top of a Palamute.

Think of how epic it would be to fight a Rathalos while riding one’s trusty dog and shooting arrows at it.

2 Allow Multiple Meowcenary Missions At Once

Unless there is an upgrade way later down the line, it seems that this game only allows players to initiate one Meowcenary mission at a time. This seems like a waste of resources as the game constantly prods players into training multiple Palamutes and Palicos at a time.

Both of these adorable critters can also be used in up to three sub missions for the rare merchant, but it would be nice if this also applied to Meowcenary missions. These ninja beasts are ready to get down and dirty.

1 Increase The Multiplayer Cap

The multiplayer right now is amazing. It’s easy to connect to players and is super quick, as are the game’s overall load times. Four in a party seems to be the perfect balance for the game’s net code, but that said, it would be interesting for Capcom to test the limits.

Co-op has usually revolved around four players at max. That is this series, but for Rampage mode especially, increasing that number to at least six, or even eight would be interesting to see.

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