More black PS5 DualSense controller images surface but are they fake?

Another photo of what purports to be a black version of the PS5 DualSense gamepad has emerged but it’s still not clear if it’s real or not.

The problem with rumours of a black PlayStation 5 is that not only is it a bit of a no-brainer for Sony but even if they didn’t want to do it, it’s an incredibly easy thing to fake.

There’s already been one alleged photo of a black controller, but it was hard to tell if that was a good fake or just a bad Photoshop of an authentic promo.

This latest image is similarly ambiguous – are those buttons left white because they couldn’t be faked properly or is it because this is a pre-production model that isn’t quite finished? Either could easily be true.

There’s also the question of why it’s only the controllers that keep leaking, rather than the whole console. Unless that means black controllers will be sold separately from the start?

There’s no provenance for the images, or a reliable leaker to vouch for them, so your guess is really as good as ours. But for what it’s worth the photos seem to have originated on the True Gaming forums.

If the images are real then they also reveal the exact size of the controller, at 18cm wide and 12cm high. Although, of course, if they’re fake that’s not necessarily accurate.

One theory is that the black controllers may be prototype versions created and used on the devkits developers use to create PlayStation 5 games and aren’t intended for public sale.

Either way, a black PlayStation 5 is inevitable at some point. Although at the moment the only official colour variant is a 24K solid gold one.

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