MultiVersus: Every Support Character, Ranked

MultiVersus has certainly brought a lot of excitement to the platform fighter genre. It also has brought some interesting ideas to the table. One of those is the class system. Each character is assigned a "class" that represents a different style of play. However, while a lot of them feel like they have a similar general "feel", just emphasizing different aspects, there is one class that feels very unique. We are, of course, referring to the support class.

Support characters are still fully functional fighters, of course. However, while they can still dish out the damage, their movesets place a far greater emphasis on team play. While Harley Quinn is focused on knocking you off the top of the screen, Reindog is focused on yanking their opponents back onto the main platform. Taz is great at destroying armored moves, but Steven Universe can actually create barriers faster than he can knock them down. At its best, this archetype is all about the team performing well, and less about individual accomplishments.

3 Reindog – A Mage's Best Friend

When played more offensively, Reindog has a pretty strong keep-away game. Reindog has a number of tools for lighting their opponents up from afar. At first, you may scoff at how slowly their fireballs travel, but, of course, a slow-moving fireball takes up space and establishes control. Their Power Crystal special also creates an obstacle on the battlefield that will further help to control space, as it generates bolts of lightning. We aren't suggesting that Reindog matches the likes of a character like Tom And Jerry, but while they may not be able to control space as dominantly as the pure mages, Reindog will demand your opponent's respect with their toolkit.

But offense isn't why you pick Reindog; you pick this adorable abomination for its potent Love Leash. Reindog is the purest of the support characters. His Love Leash is able to keep even the squishiest characters alive for far longer than they have any right being. Once you tether it to your ally it stays out longer and everyone caught between you and your partner will start taking damage. Moreover, you can use it to yank your partner away at any moment. So, if they are getting swarmed, yank them to safety. If they have been knocked off the platform, pull 'em right back. And that isn't the only trick up Reindog's sleeve.

No, remember that lightning-generating Power Crystal attack we talked about earlier? Well, not only do those bolts of lightning harm your opponents, but they buff your allies as well. Then there is Reindog's Fireball special. Once this fireball lands on the ground it will create a wall of flames and any of your, or your ally’s, projectiles will cause ignite after traveling through it. Make no mistake about it, Reindog's cute exterior is a clever ruse. They are an absolute monster on the battlefield.

2 Steven Universe – Control! Control! Control!

Steven has a pretty interesting tool that makes for some extraordinary combo opportunities. His ability to create barriers with his Shield Wall and Shield Stepper specials allows him to create a surface to bounce opponents off of. What makes this so good is that you can place one of these barriers above your opponent. Pair that with his incredibly potent aerial up tilt attack ("Bubble Clap"), and you will be able to ricochet your opponent between the two surfaces. Quite frankly, this setup, if executed correctly, can lead to massively damaging combo opportunities.

So, Steven's ability to generate platforms helps him to create some excellent setups for damage, but how does he support his team? Well, since he can create multiple platforms that cover the horizontal and vertical planes, he can control where his opponents are able to go. Obviously, this is extremely useful for protecting your partner if they are more range-focused. He can also place an opponent into a bubble, essentially removing them from play for a period of time. Steven doesn't just create walls either, he can become the wall.

That's right, he can generate a barrier around himself AND his partner. That is his unique quirk. Steven Universe is all about control and, if played competently, he is almost certainly an ideal party member for any mage character in the game. However, he is also a very real threat on his own, possessing potent moves that allow him to knock opponents off the screen. Steven Universe isn't receiving a lot of love from the community at the moment, but we think that is probably due to him being a little more difficult to play effectively. We wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being considered one of the more potent characters in the game in the future.

1 Velma – Jinkies, This Character Is Broken!

Velma is… maybe too good? On the offense, she has an incredibly versatile toolkit. She can freeze her opponents, break their armor, weaken them, and she has access to a number of projectile attacks. Her primary obstacle is juggling her countless cooldowns. However, even there, she has the ability to give herself the Educated buff, which decreases the duration of her cooldowns. Oh, and on top of all of that, she also heals herself while dishing out damage with her projectiles, and if she collects five pieces of evidence, she can get the cops to come and grab one of her enemies and drive them off the platform. It is pure absurdity.

So, since she is such a force of nature already, her support abilities must be lackluster. Surely, right? Oh, you sweet, sweet summer child. Velma's Spread The Knowledge super, which reduces cooldown, hit both her and her partner. She doesn't even have to aim it, they can be on the other side of the map and it will zoom right to them. She can also aim her Motivational Speaker projectile at her ally, and it will heal them before it fires out of said ally, blasting any enemy they are in front of. Oh, and her other projectile, Supportive Words, will hasten your ally. On top of all that, her partner can pick up evidence for her. And we are just scratching the surface, here.

Velma is an absolute menace. She is extremely powerful when played offensively, and her support abilities work effortlessly. When she is on the battlefield none of her opponents are safe. Fear her, for she is among the game's most powerful characters.

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