MultiVersus leaks: Character predictions and wishes

MultiVersus is a new fighting game in the same vein as Super Smash Bros. but with Warner Bros. properties like Batman and Bugs Bunny. The recent leaks have us wondering what could be next…

Warner’s new free-to-play fighting game is currently in closed alpha testing, with the response so far to the Smash Bros. clone being pretty positive.

Seeing characters like Shaggy and Velma duke it out with Superman and Wonder Woman is a sight to behold, but the game has such a wide breadth of characters that it starts to get the gears turning as to who could be next for the game. 

Leaks and data mining have already revealed that Space Jam 2 tie-ins are next, with LeBron James and Marvin The Martian on the docket, while even non-Warner properties like Hulk and Wreck-it Ralph (Disney’s characters) have been found to be referenced in the files. 

Looking at the upcoming Warner movies might not give too much of a hint, as it’s easy to presume that these are the line0up for the rest of the year. Characters like Neo and Gizmo from Gremlins have been found in leaks, but so far there’s no sign of them in the game’s early stages. 

However, Player First Games, the developers behind the title, are currently looking to bulk up their ranks with plenty of jobs found open on LinkedIn, so it’s more than likely different characters will be added frequently. 

If we put our thinking caps on, and take a look at the different things Warner has going on at the moment, it becomes relatively easy to guess what else might be coming.

Gandalf for example, might not get released until much later down the line, but has already been seen in screenshots that leaked before the game’s announcement. However, with Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show, Warner might push to get that moved up the queue. 

Warner’s release schedule for next year includes a Wily Coyote movie, Coyote vs. Acme, which seems certain to be referenced given how many other Looney Tunes characters are in the game already. 

Outside of this, would we see Paul, from Dune, make an appearance? While the game seems to be child friendly, Game Of Thrones characters are already in the game, with Arya Stark playable in the alpha and seen riding a rocket with Bugs Bunny in the trailer. 

Or maybe we could get a skin for Kyle Maclachlan’s version of the character? One can only hope.

Wonka is getting some form of a modern reboot, with the film coming out alongside Barbie. Yes, two hot properties with a lot of potential for in-game skins.

Especially with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial being the talk of the town, you can absolutely see Warner making a skin for Wonka based on Depp’s performance. Whether they get a Gene Wilder one is less certain.

Speaking of Amber Heard, Aquaman’s sequel is also set to release next year, so the fishy warrior will presumably join his Justice League crew too, alongside The Flash, which – depending on how far Ezra Miller falls – is also set to release next year.

Mortal Kombat characters are already leaked, but with a rumoured sequel to Mortal Kombat 11 potentially on the way, it could be that a few more will be added. Shao Khan would make for a worthy foe, even if he’s just a background character.

However, with our thinking caps firmly gripped, what about some more pie in the sky ideas?

Potential MultiVersus characters

Neo is cool and all, but Matrix Revelations positioned Trinity as the new hero of that world. Seeing the three main characters, along with Morpheus, take on a role in the game makes our list. Though, maybe Agent Smith? He could summon clones to distract you.

For something even more obscure, how about Osmosis Jones? The cell-sized crime fighter would be an excellent callback and with his little pistol, is already a blueprint for a ranged character. 

With Disney featuring quite a few Warner properties in the new Chip and Dale movie, the references to the Hulk and Wreck-It Ralph could mean that some more Disney characters will be added. Iron Man, Spider-Man, and a couple of X-Men would work wonders, but Disney might be more willing to license out Star Wars after the success it’s seen in Fortnite and the fact it was in Warner’s Lego movie but Marvel wasn’t.

While they’d be a deep cut for adult audiences, Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World Of Gumball are surely a shoo-in at some point. However, it’d be more interesting for them to also add in characters that seem more suited to the show, like Naomi Watterson, Gumball’s mother, who has an entire sequence that’s a parody of Dragon Ball Z. 

Meanwhile, Johnny Bravo has been leaked too, so let’s just bring in the strongest character from that era of 90s cartoons: Ed, from Ed, Edd And Eddy. The lumbering oaf is seen lifting houses, and eating beds and the ridiculous sound effects from the show would be a great touch for all his moves. 

A little Dexter in a big machine is always a possibility too.

With violent characters already childproofed in the game, there’s a good chance we could potentially be able to create our own version of Freddy vs. Jason. The Friday The 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street characters could be cool entrants for a Halloween themed update. 

Freddy could turn people into sausages on a pizza or Jason could have a special entrance where someone asks ‘Ted, where’s the corkscrew?!’ before pulling them out of frame.

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