Mysterious Stealth Puzzle Game, Timelie, Coming This Spring

Timed puzzles are one thing, but what would it look like if time itself was a puzzle? The upcoming adventure strategy game Timelie provides an answer to that question in its unique and innovative journey throughout an abstract world, where every moment of action can change everything. The game has officially been confirmed for a release for PC devices via Steam sometime this Spring 2020.

The debut project from the developers and publishers at Urnique Studio, Timelie tells the story of a young girl and her companion cat as they journey through a beautifully rendered abstract land in an attempt to return home. Those who are interested in seeing some footage from the upcoming game can check out the official trailer below:

The game tells the story of a unique girl who has the power to envision the past and the future who finds herself trapped in a world where time ebbs and flows in mysterious ways. Upon meeting a strange cat, who also is connected to the strange atmosphere, the two become allies as they use each other’s strengths and skills to uncover the mystery behind where they are why they’re both trapped in this unhinged universe.

Players will have the ability to control time like a media player by dragging left to rewind time and revisit the past and undo actions. They can also drag left to jump ahead and see the future, in order to receive information about how they can change the past. Utilizing these skills will allow players to solve puzzles and avoid enemies who are after them by planning their steps in reverse by looking into the future to see if their current plans will result in failure. Or, if all goes awry, simply rewind time and try a new plan.

Originally conceived as a small student project by developers in Bangkok, Thailand, Timelie has already won several prestigious awards, including Winner – Best Game” at Microsoft’s 2019 Imagine Cup Student Development Competition, “Winner – Best Game” at the 2019 Thailand National Software Contest, and “Winner – Best Student Technical Project” at the 2019 Bangkok International Digital Content Festival.

Timelie will be available for PC devices via Steam later this spring 2020. No official release date has been announced.

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