Necroids Species Pack Brings A Death Cult Of Reanimated Undead To Stellaris

Paradox Interactive recently announced the next expansion for its galaxian grand strategy game Stellaris. The Necroids Species Pack will be arriving on October 29, and brings with it a new species, the Necroids, the new Necrophage Origin, three new civics, and a horde of other new items.

The new Necroids Species Pack is arriving just in time for your scheduled Halloween stream (Hallowstream?), and Paradox has set the pack up with loads of creepy sci-fi spoops that’ll make for a perfect live stream. Paradox is billing the new Necroids species pack as perfect “for players who aren’t afraid to live their undeath to the fullest”, and that’s not just some fancy marketing writing.

The new Necroids species “believe that death is not the end, but rather the beginning of their journey”, and believe that death is merely a “transformation” to someplace they call the Eleventh Chamber. Much of their daily life is spent studying and preparing for this eventual transformation, which will actually play out for you in Stellaris through species cosmetic changes after each reincarnation, presenting you with almost entirely new “killer type empires” on each of your Necroid species playthroughs.

The new Necrophage origin and three new civics play out in-game through the Necroid’s ability to consume other species, thereby creating Death Cults, Memorialists, and Reanimated Armies. That’s right – ALIEN SPACE ZOMBIES. Death Cults allow you to proclaim chilling in-game edicts that call for sacrificing portions of your population. Memorialists bring honor and stability to your empires by erecting monuments commemorating the galaxy’s history. And alien space zombies – Reanimated Armies – are undead forces you can deploy against enemy forces, and who won’t be bothered with notions of morals or morality.

A host of new game and on-screen cosmetics accompany the Necroids Species Pack to help bring their specific aesthetic to play. New makeovers are included for buildings, diplomacy rooms, city sets, and name lists. There’s also a new ship set, advisor voiceover, and 16 new portraits (15 organic, 1 robotic).

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