Need For Speed Unbound Is Already 40 Percent Off Two Weeks After Launch

There's a new Need for Speed out, which might surprise some of you. EA hasn't been advertising this latest entry into the Need for Speed franchise as heavily as it has its other titles, which is a shame since Unbound seems to be a return to form for the series. Criterion Games, makers of the beloved Burnout Paradise, have returned to their racing game roots and have turned Unbound into a pretty great game, according to our own George Foster, who gave it four out of five stars in his review.

Other critics seemed to be just as charitable as ours, so it comes as a bit of a shock that Need for Speed Unbound is already 40 percent off on Xbox just over two weeks from launch. That means this normally $70 premium title is now down to just $42, with similar discounts being seen on Xbox platforms around the world.

This sale is notably limited to Xbox, as Steam, Epic, PlayStation, and even EA’s own storefront aren’t providing a discount. Steam’s winter sale is due to begin next week, so we might see a new sale price then, but for now, it’s just Xbox where you can get Need for Speed Unbound on the cheap.

Some fans on Reddit are concerned this might be a sign that Unbound is struggling, with Gotham Knights being thrown around as another premium title that went on sale soon after release. It’s a little too early to tell, although we can get a general idea of Unbound’s success thanks to Steam Charts’ peak player count of 14,000. There are at least that many sales on Steam, with more on Epic and likely a lot more on consoles, what with Need for Speed traditionally being a console-centric series.

Criterion certainly doesn't seem to be done with Unbound. In a series of tweets, the Unbound developer promised a "series of post-launch updates and experience packs, as well as free access to new modes, social features, and progression for Lakeshore Online." The first update will be social-focused, with future updates bringing more cars, modes, and features.

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